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The development of intaglio printing ink for cigarette packets in the future after China's entry into WTO

at present, the printing ink for cigarette packets in China is mainly intaglio printing ink, lithographic printing ink, silk printing ink and flexographic printing ink. Gravure ink accounts for a considerable proportion. With the development and changes of the tobacco industry, the technical requirements and market prospects of cigarette bag gravure ink will change in the future

after China's accession to the WTO, the tariff of foreign cigarettes entering the country will be significantly reduced, and the license system will be phased out. Facing the huge capital, advanced marketing experience, high brand awareness of foreign tobacco, the low brand concentration of national tobacco has become the biggest weakness to compete with foreign tobacco after China's entry into the WTO. The number of domestic tobacco enterprises is large, the scale is small, the brand concentration is low, and the market competitiveness is weak. There are more than 100 tobacco enterprises in the country, including more than 30 with an output of less than 100000 boxes, 30 with an output of 100000-300000 boxes, and more than 50 with an output of 300000-600000 boxes. In 2003, there were still 582 brands, and the largest single brand sales volume was only one million cases. Therefore, in the next few years, the strategic adjustment of cigarette enterprises must be to promote restructuring and alliance, and truly form a group of large group enterprises with strong core competitiveness to compete with foreign tobacco giants. With the structural adjustment of tobacco enterprises, the brand concentration will be greatly improved, which will inevitably increase the single market share of tobacco packaging, which makes gravure printing, which is good at printing large-scale orders, useful. It is believed that the demand for intaglio ink for cigarette packs will also increase. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a listed enterprise in Hong Kong and the largest supplier of gravure ink in China, Ye's ink is very optimistic about this market, and has timely developed a special cigarette bag gravure paper ink with industry-leading level to meet the needs of the cigarette bag printing and packaging industry. Since its introduction to the market, its quality has been recognized by many well-known tobacco brands

On November 10, 2003, Wang Guangya, the permanent representative of China to the United Nations, signed the Framework Convention on tobacco control, making China the 77th signatory. In March this year, if the Convention is adopted by the NPC, the Convention will enter into force in China. The Convention has a great impact on the tobacco industry, and Article 11 of the Convention on the selection of alternate warning sentences in packaging and labels, and the requirement that the warning should account for 30% of the main visible area of packaging, may change the appearance of domestic cigarette packaging products. The reference to the appearance and pattern design of foreign brands that have implemented this requirement will make the design style of national tobacco tend to be international, and the color of packaging will be brighter, purer and the pattern more solid. The change of style and the improvement of packaging quality also put forward new requirements for intaglio ink for cigarette packs, and the color and various durability of intaglio ink should also be adapted. As a special food, consumers are very sensitive to the smell during smoking, and the safety and environmental protection of its packaging are also very important

in some developed countries, aromatic solvents similar to toluene have been banned from food packaging inks. The United States also has environmental protection laws to control the release of volatile organic compounds. In order to strengthen competitiveness, tobacco enterprises also hope to strengthen control in this regard. After scientific demonstration, Yunnan Hongta Group also issued the enterprise standard of cigarette packaging at the end of 2003, which sets strict requirements on the solvent residue of cigarette packaging. Therefore, at present, ink manufacturers must develop more environmentally friendly products as soon as possible. Although water-based intaglio printing ink has attracted attention as an alternative system of solvent based inks, its printing performance and quality still cannot meet the standard of solvent based intaglio printing ink. This is mainly due to the high surface tension of water, which makes the ink difficult to wet, the drying stage is slow, and the printing effect is not very ideal. At the same time, in order to make the water-soluble ink can be used on the gravure printing machine, not only the ink and resin need advanced technology, but also the existing gravure printing equipment needs to be improved, the printing plate also needs to be redesigned, and it also needs more effective drying and ventilation equipment and parts made of corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, at present, the water-based gravure printing ink has not been popularized in cigarette bag gravure printing. Because the water-based gravure ink is not popular at present. Because the water-based gravure ink is not enough to comprehensively replace the solvent ink at present, the ink enterprises have been working hard to develop new alcohol ester cigarette pack ink that is more acceptable to the environment. It is hoped that the new alcohol soluble ink can solve the problems such as the harm of solvent ink to health and the influence of solvent residue after printing on the smell of cigarettes. This development has become a trend. It has attracted the attention of some well-known ink manufacturers, among which ye's ink, which is optimistic about the cigarette package ink market, has noticed this problem at the beginning of the development of cigarette package paper gravure ink. The designed cigarette package ink formula does not contain limiting ingredients, and it also has its own uniqueness in terms of printability. In the next few years, China's tobacco packaging products will further develop in the direction of high-quality, speed regulation system to control the rotation and internationalization. The comprehensive strength of ink enterprises will be an important factor in the selection of tobacco packaging enterprises. The changes of packaging enterprises caused by the changes of tobacco enterprises are bound to cause new competition in the ink industry, which also provides opportunities for enterprises that are good at seizing opportunities

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