The development of Guangbo group is valued by loca

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The development of Guangbo group was valued by the local government

on June 22, 2010, wuxuance, Secretary of Hengfeng county Party committee of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, and his party came to Guangbo group for a field visit, and Wang Liping, chairman of Guangbo group, and other senior leaders of the company gave a warm reception

at the symposium, chairman Wang Liping introduced in detail the development history of Guangbo group and the company's work and achievements in the new aspects of environmental protection, such as key speed regulation and experimental force displacement digital display

Secretary Wu fully affirmed Guangbo's achievements in the field of environmental protection stationery in recent years. At the same time, he encouraged enterprises to establish the confidence of great and rapid development, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and make contributions to the development and expansion of the environmental protection industry of closing oil return valve in recent years. Wang Liping increased its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process; The president said that Guangbo will continue to strengthen the construction of independent innovation capacity, strengthen market development, and strive to make Guangbo's low-carbon environmental protection industry stronger and bigger

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