The development of high alumina refractory bricks

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In 2016, the development of China's high alumina refractory bricks should adapt to the international new normal

from the perspective of the market environment, the current stage of China's imitation wave draining consumption has basically ended, and personalization has gradually become the mainstream for some new energy-saving insulation materials and diversified consumption. In the past two years, the growth rate of domestic consumption of refractory materials, clay bricks, silica bricks, high alumina bricks and other major refractory materials has fallen from the past two digits to one digit, which is an obvious example of stage change. It is expected that in the coming period, the growth rate of China's refractory consumption will further decline, and it is impossible to return to the double-digit growth rate

in this context, the development path of the industry through the total scale expansion has become impassable. We can only rely on technological innovation to expand the application field of high alumina bricks, activate market demand and seek new development space. In the past two years, we have vigorously promoted "high alumina bricks" around energy conservation and emission reduction, promoted "replacing steel with aluminum", "saving copper with aluminum" and "saving wood with aluminum", and cultivated and created markets. It is from this basic judgment that we have taken countermeasures

after more than ten years of high-intensity investment and construction, China's main high alumina bricks (2) dug a pit down the installation position of the experimental machine, and the output ranked first in the world, accounting for more than 40% of the world, resulting in saturation of investment and a significant decline in growth rate. However, investment opportunities for new technologies, new products, new formats and new business models continue to emerge, and opportunities for innovative industrial investment and financing methods appear. For example, in recent years, the industry e-commerce platform has developed rapidly and has become a new driving force for the development of China's high alumina brick industry

refractories are one of the industries that have achieved early integration with the international market in China. At present, the introduction of high-level industries and large-scale "going out" are taking place simultaneously, and have become a climate. In terms of high-level introduction, most international industrial giants have invested and built factories in China, and foreign-funded enterprises have occupied a certain position in the industry. In terms of large-scale going out, Chinese enterprises ride more than three times with each shared bike. They have only built important resource bases in Africa, South America and surrounding countries, and have also invested and built factories in developed countries such as the United States and the European Union, realizing a global layout

we should take advantage of the opportunity of the country to strengthen the supporting role of strategic emerging industries, actively develop new types of high aluminum bricks, expand the application fields of high aluminum bricks, and strive to promote the high aluminum brick industry from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to the middle and high end. In the context of broad policies, we should strive for national policy support, guide industries to rely on innovation to cultivate and form new growth points, and maintain the momentum of continuous development

China's economic development has entered the new normal. We should understand the new normal, adapt to it, and lead it. According to the deployment of the central economic work conference, we should closely focus on the goal of building a world power in non-ferrous metal industry, based on the current situation, plan for the long term, and do a good job in the development and reform of the high alumina brick industry in 2016

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