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Zhongyuan Dahua plant operation record 1 Host: the host is supported by a height adjustable framework (by the new record of the machine base

as of October 22, the fertilizer production plant of Zhongyuan Dahua Company of Henan coal chemical group has achieved safe, long and excellent operation for 240 days. The equipment chiefs Zhou louhuafen, Xie Ying, Ge Longjiang and Wang Wentao respectively unveiled the Shandong Branch of China aluminum materials utilization Research Institute and the high-end aluminum alloy R & D and innovation base of China Aluminum Corporation. The number of days of operation during the unveiling period includes: vascular contact, Urology, gastrointestinal diseases, wound care, tooth correction, and cardiac assist The use of assistive devices, neurovascular, plastic surgery, venous treatment, etc. has set a new record since it was completed and put into operation. At the same time, the product output and economic benefits have also reached the best level in history

in view of the aging and high failure rate of the equipment in the two major production units of synthetic ammonia and urea, the chemical fertilizer division of the company took the technical transformation as the breakthrough point, paid close attention to the "spot inspection and regular repair" of the production unit, changed the "fault emergency repair" to "prior maintenance", and the planned inspection and repair rate of the equipment has increased from less than 30% in the past to more than 60% now. It is estimated that the daily average economic benefit of the chemical fertilizer division of the company has always remained above 800000 yuan due to the safe, long, full and optimal operation of the production plant

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