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Zhongshan XINHONGYE launched a laser cutting device for easy tearing lines of flexible packaging bags

this device applies laser technology to cut easy tearing lines on flexible packaging bags. The processing method is to use the light beam generated by the laser to evenly cut a thin line with a depth of only several microns by focusing on the designed easy tearing line. This line destroys the outer packaging of the composite film and retains the inner packaging, which not only does not damage the packaging function, but also enables the opening of the packaging bag to be torn regularly along the easy tearing line during tearing. Please click the main product column for detailed introduction

with the popularization of laser technology in the bag making industry, it will certainly enrich the variety of flexible packaging and greatly facilitate consumers. Our application laboratory and customer service center will provide process development and timely technical support for your products at any time, and are willing to help you stay ahead in the market competition

the tear test of the electronic universal testing machine is to calculate the tear strength value

due to the low input signal frequency

information source: Lihua international upholstery exhibition

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