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Zhongtian Technology provides China's first polar exploration cruise ship with a full set of equipment cables

3/18/20. The fracture of the sample is always 19 on both sides. A few days ago, China's first polar exploration cruise ship was successfully launched in Haimen, Jiangsu Province. With strong technical strength, sophisticated tooling equipment, excellent product quality and good brand advantages, Zhongtian Technology Equipment Cable Co., Ltd. provides the whole ship of cable products for the cruise ship

polar exploration cruise ships have far higher requirements for cables than ordinary cruise ships. In addition to the characteristics of low smoke, halogen-free, low toxicity, fire resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance, environmental protection and so on, the cables for polar exploration cruise ships pay more attention to the performance of light weight, cold resistance, long service life and so on. They are recognized by the industry as "three high" products with high technology, high difficulty and high reliability

this time, the installation standard distance of Zhongtian Technology is at least 50mm. The ultra light series cables produced by Zhongtian Cable Co., Ltd. for polar exploration cruise ships have reached the domestic leading level in various technical performance indicators, which can meet the transmission of cruise electric energy signals, control signals and communication signals, ensure the operation of the whole cruise ship like blood, significantly improve the reliability, safety and flexibility of the cruise ship, and have been highly praised by customers

in the future, Zhongtian science and technology equipment cable Co., Ltd. will continue to be based on market demand, and the digital display semi-automatic impact testing machine will continue to improve the ability of technological innovation and service, and strive to become a world-class supplier of ships and marine engineering platforms

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