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Zhongyuan Futures: crude oil hit a new low

international crude oil futures fell again on Thursday by $4.53 to close at $60.77/barrel, and the trading volume increased again, pushing into the trading volume of the previous day, with signs of continuous increase. Affected by the continuous decline of international crude oil, the futures price of polyethylene futures in Dalian Commodity Exchange jumped lower in the morning and opened at 6290. After the opening, due to the pressure of closing positions, the futures price began to fall rapidly by drawing various curves and printing. After 6300 was supported, it was pulled up again, and the horizontal consolidation was carried out at 6300, with a relatively narrow range. In the afternoon trading period, the short sellers suddenly made a force, and the futures price deduced a wave of jumping market, which was soon sealed at the limit 6190. Until the end of the trading day, the intraday maximum was 6390, and the position was reduced by 222 hands. The total position during the engine test was 36364 hands, and the trading volume was 129360 hands

the listing price of domestic spot manufacturers today is the same as yesterday. In some regions, there is a shortage of supply, and the transaction is relatively light. There is no buying, which continues the depressed market. In Tianjin market, 0218d is taxless yuan/ton, including 7350 yuan/ton, 1002kw is taxless yuan/ton, 1002yb is quoted at 7800 yuan/ton, 9085 is quoted at yuan/ton, and Secco 0220aa is quoted at 7200 yuan/ton. The listing price of Daqing Petrochemical: 7042 film material is 7500 yuan/ton, 7042 powder material is 7300 yuan/ton, 7047 film material is 7500 yuan/ton, and 7047 powder material is 7300 yuan/ton. If the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, spot traders in most parts of the country are facing an atmosphere of industrial trade slowdown

trading strategy, continue to maintain the idea of short trading. Short selling is still the main operation mode at present when fenggao stretches the sample to a certain elongation at a certain speed or to a regular load

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