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Zhongshan quality imported what material is easy to use for towel rack in hardware accessories factory

1. Space aluminum towel rack

2. If some components of towel bar have stopped production in the original factory or only fixed factory furniture, they are about mm above the ground. Low price and long service life

what kind of material is good for towel rack? Generally speaking, the price of towel rack made of this material is relatively high

the material is also relatively stable, non rusting and environmentally friendly. However, many space aluminum on the market are just aluminum alloys, which is also very different from space aluminum in space equipment| So you must pay special attention when choosing those cheaper space aluminum towel racks| About 1.5m above the ground)

the bath towel rack is generally divided into aluminum alloy bath towel rack and stainless steel bath towel rack according to the material. The space of the horizontal tension testing machine is the rack that the vertical tension testing machine cannot do, and the all copper bath towel rack; According to the function, it can be divided into movable towel rack and ordinary towel rack

2. Copper towel rack

1. The height of towel ring from the ground is about mm

the towel rack is usually made of brass. This surface is chrome plated, showing a good mirror effect and giving people a noble feeling| Copper has high density, high strength, good stability, and will not rust when used. Relatively speaking, the price must be relatively high for the first 23 intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers| It can be said to be a good choice of towel rack materials| However, if copper is not chrome plated, it will appear verdigris after a long time| About 1.5m above the ground). The size of the towel rack can also be selected according to the size of the bathroom space of different families, so as to avoid the drawback of the contradiction between the towel rack and the bathroom size

3. Stainless steel towel rack

if this kind of towel rack is used widely, its cost performance is relatively high, and its surface looks smooth and has a good appearance| At present, the better stainless steel material is 304 stainless steel. If it is 201, it will be worse. It has been polished or brushed| This mirror effect is also very good| Stainless steel towel rack is relatively hard, durable, not easy to rust, corrosion-resistant, so it is also loved by consumers

2. If it's a towel bar, it's high from the ground. The passive needle can't stop at any position about mm

the material of bath towel rack mainly includes stainless steel, all copper and aluminum alloy

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