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Zhongshan Torch tourism cultural activity week starts! There will be a wonderful UAV performance in the evening after tomorrow. This is a good place for houyuxiao at the weekend of

Nandu news! This morning, the three-day 2018 Zhongshan Torch district tourism and cultural activities week was officially launched! Nandu learned that the main venue of this event is located in the torch Exhibition Center, denang Lake Sports Park, and the sub venues are located in zuxiangyuan, Chubang soy sauce culture museum, etc

this event is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the tourism and cultural activities week in Zhongshan Torch district. With the theme of "healthy leisure, charming torch", it integrates the folk culture and health of the torch district through more than ten activities, such as folk art parade, torch art performance, drone performance, rock concert, Cantonese opera performance, flavor food exhibition, famous and high-quality products exhibition, etc When the granulator is operated, such elements as Shikang products and innovative achievements provide a "feast" for the citizens and tourists

according to the introduction, the folk art forms in the torch area are rich and colorful. During the tourism and cultural activities week, there are dragon and lion performances to show their magic power and perform unique skills, as well as traditional folk arts such as wooden dragon, floating color and lion dance in the torch area. The Cantonese opera performance gathered well-known opera actors to offer classic dramas to the audience. The torch art performance will be staged in turns every day, with torch song and dance, children's talent, salt water song and other programs constantly staged, and will also be sung by well-known rock bands

it is worth noting that this tourism and cultural activity week will make citizens and tourists feel the charm of torch technology. The cool UAV performance will be one of the highlights. The UAV intelligent control shows several new product systems, and the automatic formation performance perfectly combines art and technology, which will bring refreshing audio-visual enjoyment to the audience

in addition to the ornamental performances, there will also be famous and excellent products exhibitions, which will gather the creative industrial products of major enterprises, health and health care products to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, and local famous and excellent products. Ford, Renault, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Chery and other major automobile brands came to the exhibition

in addition, the Zhongshan flavor food exhibition brings together all kinds of flavor and specialty foods in Zhongshan, including local specialty foods, local well-known catering enterprises, exquisite snacks and famous and high-quality products. During this period, the first baking skill competition in Zhongshan in 2018 will be held, and all baking masters will show their baking skills

photography | Wu Jin in the southern capital

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