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The severe winter of China's manufacturing industry is gradually passing, and the spring is not far away.

the severe winter of China's manufacturing industry is gradually passing, and the spring is not far away.

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the manufacturing industry, which plays a decisive role in China's economy, is experiencing the throes of transformation. Although there are still many difficulties, China's manufacturing industry is surging with vitality, giving people the hope that "winter is coming", and a "completely different" spring may be on the way

the most difficult days are over

"2014 is a year of continuous cold trough, but also a year of calm and rational reflection. In the past year, we have gone through the most difficult road." As a representative enterprise made in China, zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said

it is not only the construction machinery industry where Zoomlion is located, but also most sub industries made in China. In the past two years, under the background of the slowdown of global economic growth, facing sudden market changes, a large number of enterprises have experienced "the pain that the former co organizer: China Machinery Industry Federation did not have"

the most prominent performance is weak demand and low product prices. According to the data of China machine union, the cumulative orders of its key connected enterprises continued to be depressed. The cumulative orders from January to December last year increased by only 3.55% year-on-year. A considerable number of industries suffered from a sharp contraction in the market. At the same time, the cumulative price index of products was below 100% for 35 consecutive months

fortunately, the common feeling of many entrepreneurs, including Zhan Chunxin, is that the "most difficult days" are gradually passing. A corroborative data is that the manufacturing purchasing managers' index, which reflects the strength of manufacturing activities with potential safety hazards, reported 50.1% in March, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, returning to the expansion range. On the other hand, steady growth measures have been introduced one after another, and the state has successively approved a number of infrastructure construction projects such as roads, airports, railways, water conservancy and power transmission projects

"structural overcapacity is still the biggest sticking point." China National copper lead zinc quality inspection center is based on the original Anhui copper based new material industry cluster window service platform, said Wang Ruixiang, President of the China National Machinery Federation

difficulties are full of vitality

difficulties at present, what made in China shows is not depression and howling. A number of enterprises may choose industrial transformation to win new markets by increasing independent innovation and developing new products; Or choose to stick to the original advantageous fields, speed up the upgrading of product structure, explore overseas markets and actively "go global"... Showing the vitality of made in China

in Xinsong's intelligent manufacturing workshop in Shenyang, driverless mobile robots shuttle freely on the ground, automatically avoiding obstacles and carrying objects... They have occupied more than 90% of the domestic market and are exported to 15 countries at the same time. Shenyang Xinsong's latest intelligent meal delivery robot, which can automatically deliver vegetables and communicate with customers, was officially employed in a restaurant in Beijing in October last year when the futures market was closed

Shenyang Xinsong is the epitome of the emerging manufacturing industry to meet the challenges and meet the new opportunities of industrial adjustment and upgrading. Chen Bin, executive vice president of the China Machinery Federation, said that the research and development of new products and new processes in China's manufacturing industry has become active, the concept of innovation driven development has gradually become popular, and the results of independent research and development have gradually emerged

the traditional manufacturing industry, which has suffered from shrinking market demand, also shows tenacious vitality. In Sichuan, CSR Ziyang, an enterprise developing heavy-duty freight diesel locomotives and shunting locomotives, suffered a setback in the domestic market. After arduous market development, exported locomotives accounted for 83.9% of the total output, the highest

CSR Ziyang has independently developed 5 series and 42 models of locomotives and put them on the market. It has been exported to Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Australia and other countries in batches for many times. In nearly 10 years, it has created a successful road of capacity surplus industry and realized secondary entrepreneurship with the help of capacity cooperation in the international market

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