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The wine label is increasingly wild

the wine label was once extremely simple. Their function is to tell people what is bottled. However, it must be admitted that the wine labels in Germany and France are not so easy to identify, and consumers must become experts in this field before buying these wines

these days are gone forever. The beautiful and eye-catching packaging launched by the new generation of wine label designers seems to be calling you: buy me! Some of these packages are different from wine, and some even have very low taste

the French have launched the "fat hybrid" brand marked by fat hippos, and Italians have a similar brand. "Cat urine on the currant branch" is a commonly used description of the taste of everlasting longing for each other wine by wine critics. A German had a whim and created a wine brand called "sparrow dung". It is said that the yeast in its fermenter once contained sparrow dung, so it was named

in the past, most traditional European wine labels were marked with the name of origin, and Americans followed suit. No matter what kind of wine was in the bottle and what the characteristics of the wine were, the name of European wine origin was also printed on the label

today's wine lovers are more sophisticated than ever. In order to distinguish their wine from other wines, producers in the new world often name their wine with grape varieties instead of place names. The result of using this conservative wine label is that except for different grape varieties and years, other parts are the same. Fortunately, there were not many wine brands at that time, and it was not difficult for consumers to find their favorite wine from the shelves with very small capacity

these have become history. Today, American consumers face more than 10000 wine brands. Entering any wine retail store, you have to choose from hundreds of bottles of wine until 2020. You are dazzled by all kinds of wine labels and packaging. It seems that any bottle looks more attractive than the one next to it. Manufacturers have made great efforts to attract your attention in the handling process, especially those young and fashionable consumers

it is no wonder that wines from California and Australia are more likely to attract young consumers. Their wine label design tries to distinguish themselves from other boring "old world" wine labels. "Young people in their 20s will no longer choose the wine with the castle on the label. They think it is the wine that their grandfather will drink." Liz Taher, a professor of wine marketing at Sonoma University, said. Professor Taher is currently supervising a research project on "the consumption attitude of young wine consumers"

animal wine label

animal patterns, especially those animals with noble images, began to appear on wine labels long ago. Eagles, deer, foxes, cats, dogs, horses and other animals are particularly popular. Some brands use strange animal patterns in the story, such as jumping frogs, wandering goats, flying pigs, etc., which are the protagonists in the familiar story

therefore, the wine shelf has become a "zoo" of cheap wine. This phenomenon is largely attributed to the success of the "yellow tailed kangaroo" - an Australian wine brand marked by a jumping kangaroo. Cartoon wine label

cartoons attract children. And we adults will still miss Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck after many years of drinking wine. Naturally, wine producers have launched brands such as "Mitch Merlot" and "Charlie Blanc Chardonnay". Of course, at present, countries are banning the sale of alcohol to minors, but cartoon animal patterns can indeed attract young consumers, especially those who cherish their youth. Many people call animal logo more interesting than those dull ones nowadays

wine expert Karen McNeil said, "no one doesn't like these cute animal wine labels. They often attract people to buy them for the first time."

female consumers

many brands are aimed at female consumers who are the main consumers of wine. In recent decades, women have bought 60% of wine, but most of the wine they buy is not expensive, 5 Graph curve scale automatically optimizes auto scale, and they tend to pay more attention to packaging when choosing wine. Therefore, Beaujolais' George dubov red wine and Perrier jout champagne have launched flower logo. Bering winery launched "white lies" and "crazy Housewives", both aimed at female consumers

today, more and more women are decision makers in marketing and advertising, and their vision is also different. Whether these gaudy wine labels attract these consumers is still controversial. John gisby of the wine marketing association said, "no one likes these grandstanding things. We should win female consumers in a secret way." Karen believes that "women's wine" is somewhat derogatory to women

dead celebrities

wine labels with the theme of "dead celebrities", especially Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, are another kind of marketing method. Marilyn Monroe's wine label came into being on a whim, but it has become one of the most collectable wines, and its collectable value can almost be compared with that of Bordeaux and Burgundy. Although it is a good wine from Napa Valley, maybe no one will be willing to drink it, which is also a pity in this sense

the latest Monroe wine is the velvet series, and the logo pattern is the first nude photo of Monroe taken by "playboy" for Monroe. In order to avoid government intervention and criticism from other aspects, the manufacturer strategically adopts the removable adhesive design, but I personally believe that if the adhesive is removed, its collection value will be affected

in addition, there are some interesting wine labels built in grapes that can save space. For example, the "Carneros del Notte" wine label can glow in the dark; Dynamite refers to the sensation when its first vineyard was built. Manufacturers are trying to create distinctive wine labels, and some even turn to designers of high-end cosmetics and other luxury goods

some of these strange wine labels are indeed very successful, while others just attract people's curious eyes. Although people are willing to pay for a bottle of inexpensive wine for a beautiful wine label, the success of the Yellow tailed kangaroo shows that good wine can be generally accepted only with good taste

source: Huaxia Wine News

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