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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 24 (Hutao) -- according to China Aviation Industry Corporation, China's first all composite multi-purpose UAV, the pterodactyl I-D UAV, recently made its maiden flight at an airport in the West

at 16:32 on the 23rd, with the "release" command of the on-site flight commander, the pterodactyl I-D UAV began to glide and accelerate, soared into the sky in the cheers of the people, flew for 30 minutes, and successfully completed its first flight mission as planned

China's first full composite use standard: material multipurpose UAV - pterodactyl I-D successfully made its maiden flight on the 23rd of this month. In recent years, China's aviation industry has firmly seized the opportunity of the global development of unmanned aerial vehicles entering a new era of innovation, and promoted the independent innovation and systematic development of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry with advanced R & D technology and industrial advantages

although the pterodactyl I-D UAV system is a full composite structure, high-performance, hollow long endurance, multi-purpose UAV system developed on the basis of the pterodactyl series UAV system, through the use of full composite structure, optimization of aerodynamic layout, replacement of high-power engine and other measures, the takeoff weight, communication, internal loading and external hanging capacity have been greatly improved

according to the relevant person in charge of the aviation industry group, the pterodactyl series UAVs have experienced various severe environmental tests, achieved high-intensity normal use, and created 38 technical achievements such as the process design of the high-power crankshaft and crank arm of the "pterodactyl" UAV with completely independent intellectual property rights, which have been transformed into brands in Yucheng. The success of the first flight of the pterodactyl I-D UAV has further enriched the pterodactyl UAV pedigree, enhanced the competitiveness of the pterodactyl series UAV in the international multi-purpose high-end UAV market, and opened a broader development space for the pterodactyl series UAV market. (video provided by China Aviation Industry)

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