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Wine sales: reduce packaging costs to win the market

90% of brand wines have a bad sales in the first year of launch, while the other 10% of new brands can win a big victory. Even so, its popularity in the market is only about five years. Once the same product is put on the shelves, it must be sold immediately. The magic weapon of sales lies in packaging, because most consumers decide whether to buy products based on packaging

is your product packaging popular? Is there room for improvement? Have your competitors changed their product packaging? Or after your wine packaging changes, the sales volume is not as good as before? Can the product stand out on the shelf

in fact, the cost of packaging is also a large expenditure, which needs to be made as effective as possible to win the purchasing power of the market. Here are six strategies to save packaging costs and attract customers:

1 The total packaging cost should be consistent with the product price and image. Ask yourself: is the proportion between the packaging cost and the sales price of wine coordinated? If a bottle of wine is worth 14 yuan, and the packaging cost is 7 yuan, isn't it too crazy? In a word, packaging design should be targeted at consumers, and sufficient market research should be done. If necessary, change the role and consider the packaging cost of products as customers

2. Research shows that 70% - 80% of the product cost has been set in the process of packaging design. Designers should be familiar with supply design, that is, when designing (Planning) products, they should adopt production technologies and processes that can make the products more meet the supply needs and the room should have enough space. Among them, the design of plastic cap, packaging box and wine label is particularly important. For example, a winery designed 26 different wine labels for the launch of a new wine

3. The survey data shows that 70% of consumers make a temporary purchase decision after seeing the wine packaging. In other words, as a producer, you have a potential influence on customers' purchase desire. Can product packaging convey substantive information to potential consumers? During this period, it is necessary to conduct basic market research, even if you simply chat with customers, you can also find consumers' reactions to new products or new packaging

4. With the accumulation of time, dozens or hundreds of variables will appear anytime and anywhere, and the packaging design, specifications and standards of products will gradually lose their original significance. Therefore, you need to change the packaging in time to appear in front of consumers with a new face

5. Singlesourcing is a very popular procurement method nowadays, That is, Mr. Paul Young, CEO of Denis Pei group, said: "Automation has always been the concern of the medical industry. It is said that it is good for both sides to hand over all the raw materials of a product to one supplier. For consumers, it means better prices and better services. For suppliers, it can protect business and avoid horizontal competition.

6. Finally, how often do you conduct a benchmark evaluation of product packaging manufacturers? Is there a service quality agreement? Wine business is the most important The important thing is integrity. Don't let the packaging manufacturer damage your product reputation

marketing is the driving force of business, and packaging is the key to the success of marketing. One thing is certain, the quality of packaging determines the market sales of products, which is the high repeatability of product testing; The latter is part of the cheap value-added

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