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Gift wine: over packaged and high price

as the Spring Festival approaches, the Baijiu market is full of flames. The gift wine market has attracted large and small wineries with more than a billion business opportunities, and the gift wine market for the Spring Festival has been detonated in advance. During a recent visit to several large supermarkets and stores in Guangzhou, it was found that compared with previous years' price comparison, this year's gift wine promotion has still become the killer mace for manufacturers to attract consumers' attention

the price is generally high

it is understood that the price of gift wine as a whole remains at a high level. At present, the current selling price of gift wine is generally between 150-800 yuan, of which the vast majority of Baijiu is a 500ml double bottle gift box, and the selling price is mostly in the range of 150-400 yuan; The price of foreign wine is relatively expensive. The price of a 700ml standard gift box is generally between 200-800 yuan

what price is the best-selling gift wine? The sales promotion lady said that different candidates have different prices. Miss Yang, a consumer, said that she valued good packaging and appropriate price in choosing gifts and wine tasting. The psychological price was 300-500 yuan. The dealers also reported that 300-500 yuan of gift wine shipped the most

a dealer in Guangdong said that there are more Baijiu brands entering the gift liquor market, and the sub brands and OEM liquor of Maotai and Wuliangye have a great impact on the market. In fact, the introduction of famous wine requires a lot of advertising and long-term brand maintenance, and the development cost is high. However, gift wine is only a seasonal product with limited sales. It is unrealistic for famous wine manufacturers to invest in the development. Therefore, there are some so-called gift wines processed by OEM. A dealer revealed that 60% - 70% of the gift wines sold by him are "famous wines" produced by second-class distilleries, because the profits of these gift wines are as high as about 50%, which is also the reason for the high terminal prices

small factories swarmed near famous brands

however, it was surprising that what we saw in several supermarkets were almost gift wines of well-known brands such as "Wuliangye", "Moutai" and "Luzhou Laojiao", and unknown brands that used to be active in the market seemed to have disappeared

this is not the case. Manager Dai, who is in charge of the sales of "Shuijingfang" in Guangdong, revealed to me that in the past, there were few types of gift wine developed by well-known wine enterprises. Now famous wine enterprises gradually pay attention to the development of gift wine, and there are more famous brand gift wine. This Spring Festival, "Shuijingfang" will launch two new gift wines

however, according to an insider, as gift wine carries the gift function, decency is necessary, not only in packaging, but also in brand. Milky white all aluminum furniture has been highly praised by many customers, and many dealers have noticed that most of the manufacturers developing gift wine now cooperate with famous wineries, such as Wuliangye, Moutai, etc., but they deliberately highlight the main brand and weaken the sub brand in packaging; In addition, although the following packaging design summarizes some phenomena associated with the above mechanism in the experimental process of HV (5) 0A Vickers hardness tester into three points: relatively standardized, it strongly highlights the main brand when recommending to consumers, and does not talk about sub brands, thereby misleading consumers. This phenomenon will undoubtedly aggravate the chaos of the gift wine market and affect the sales and image of the main brand

excessive waste of social resources in packaging

a consumption survey shows that the exquisite degree of packaging is an important standard for consumers to choose gift wine. In Guangzhou, Hao was basically troubled by various quality defects of the tensile testing machine in the late stage of equipment use, and the packaging of Hua and atmosphere was most favored by consumers. In order to cater to consumer psychology, gift wine manufacturers pay attention to packaging design every year, from cartons to wooden boxes, plexiglass boxes, from ceramic bottles, glass bottles to crystal bottles, and the patterns are renewed year after year. This year, the bottle design of gift wine is more artistic

witnessed in the store: most gift wines are packed in wooden boxes, lined with luxurious yellow satin. The bottle body is mostly glass or crystal, and the bottle type is more colorful - chimes, crowns, animals, etc. to achieve the purpose of timely feedback, timely communication, rapid elimination of problems, etc. In addition to maintaining a luxurious and noble style, transparent and westernized design has become a sharp weapon to attract consumers' attention this year. Its shape emphasizes more artistry, and some wine products also add laser patterns to the bottle

in contrast to the warm welcome attitude of consumers, dealers are cautious about packaging renovation. According to the dealer surnamed Wen, it is difficult to ship stale gift wine because consumers are greedy for new products and new samples every year

the management of a well-known liquor company said that at present, gift liquor has shown an obvious trend of over packaging, resulting in a waste of social resources. Consumers should treat packaging rationally and temperately, and do not stimulate the abnormal development of the market

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