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Wine labels with different styles

a small beer label is not only a product logo, but also a work of art and a card of knowledge, which has high appreciation value and collection value. It is said that the displacement accuracy is 0.01mm, and the maximum distance between two pressure plates is 220mm/250mm. In many European countries, the popularity of beer collection is second only to Philately, and many towns have "flea" markets selling beer

speaking of beer, people first think of Germany. Germany has a long history of making beer, which can be seen from the beer label. There is a German beer label, printed with copper engravings depicting the brewing process of early beer; There is another kind, which is printed with large oak beer barrels

the German wine label looks very delicate, revealing the rigorous and enthusiastic character of the Germanic nation. For example, the trademark with beer barrels as the main image, and the beer barrels on the pattern protrude outward, as if they were about to expand, giving people a strong visual effect

generally speaking, the structural layout of wine labels in Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries attaches great importance to symmetry and harmony, and their patterns are mostly kings, knights, ancient castles, churches and so on. Most of the wine labels in these countries are printed with bronzing and plastic coating, with a mysterious and solemn style

Japanese wine labels may have been influenced by ancient Chinese Confucian culture for a long time, and their design techniques and styles are very close to China. Their pictures are mostly calligraphy and paintings

generally speaking, German beer labels stress simplicity and elegance, and many retain the characteristics of medieval art

the United States is a large country of beer production and consumption, but many beer labels are printed with government advice: "drinking alcohol is harmful to the health of pregnant women", "drivers should not drink it", etc. Breweries in the United States highly praise German brewing technology and often indicate on the beer label: "hire a famous German master to brew." Mr. crandawater, the world-famous wine decoration designer, is also a collector of beer labels. The beer labels he collected are stored in the computer with category numbers and can be accessed at any time. In the eyes of Americans, the real high-end beer must be bottled with exquisite trademark decoration

Denmark has world-renowned Carlsberg beer. Danish beer label design is as elegant as beer. One of the most cherished is a set of beer labels with the theme of ancient Scottish national costumes. This is a set of beer labels integrating knowledge and artistry. The printing is exquisite and the design is very innovative

when you see the British beer label, you will think of the British gentleman's demeanor. British beer label is square in shape, serious in font, dignified and elegant in pattern, and likes to use black background. The printing of beer labels in Sweden, Norway and other countries in northern Europe is quite exquisite, which is a "luxury type"

many famous beer brands use national symbols as trademark patterns, such as the windmill beer label in the Netherlands, the lion beer label in Tanzania, the maple leaf beer label in Canada, the kangaroo beer label in Australia, and the koala beer label...

the wine label is not only a "confession" of the particularity of the wine itself, but also can maintain the reputation of the distillery's products and become a guide for consumers to choose and buy. At the same time, the wine label can reflect the politics, economy, history, culture, local conditions and customs of various countries from the side. For example, the "whisky" wine label has a picture of a person on it. He is Lloyd, a famous British socialite in the 15th century. He lived 152 years old and is a well-known old longevity in Britain. Until now, he is still the "symbol" of health and longevity in western countries

Chinese wine label is a field where calligraphers can show their talents. The regular script, grass, official script and seal script in calligraphy add a lot of luster to the wine label. At the same time, the local characteristics of Chinese wine labels are also very strong. The patterns show their own characteristics, styles and genres from Tiananmen Square in Beijing to Yuelu Mountain in Hunan, from the Great Wall to the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan

when collecting foreign wine labels, you must pay attention to the year on the label. Take French brandy for example. People often see the words "VO" and "XO" on the trademarks of famous wines such as "Remy Martin", "Hennessy" and "Napoleon", which are the abbreviations of the storage time of each bottle of wine

in terms of storage time, French brandy has the following types: one star ★ (5 years), two star ★★ (10 years), three star ★★★ (15 years), VO (more than 15 years), VSO (more than 20 years), VSOP (more than 25 years), FOP (more than 30 years), XO (more than 40 years), extra (more than 50 years). The longer the storage time is, the rarer the wine is. This kind of rare wine not only has high value, but also its bottle and label have high ornamental and collection value. Therefore, when collecting such high-end wine labels, don't soak the wine labels from the wine bottles, and the requirements are more and more strict. It's best to collect even the wine bottles. [Wen Xin]

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