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Winter is warm, and points are spent as money

the extraordinary 2012 has passed, and the new 2013 has also been opened! New year new weather, new year new hope. As a made in China transaction based in the Central Plains and radiating across the country, in this cold winter, at the moment when the Spring Festival is coming, we have sent a rich new year gift to our members and friends - exchanging points for prizes, which is fun and affordable. Since its inception, the event has won the active support and participation of many members and friends, and the scene is hot. At present, it has entered the countdown stage of rush to meet

perhaps you have been deterred by the high price of advertising space; Perhaps you once admired the exquisite design of other shops; Perhaps, you once wanted to have a model worker medal representing your distinguished membership; Perhaps, you have been extremely eager to see the name of your enterprise on the homepage of CCCC, or you want your enterprise to occupy the most prominent position on the homepage; Or maybe you want to convert your existing points into cash vouchers for other services you need... Now, no matter which idea you have above, the point gun redemption activity launched by our made in China transaction can meet your needs

600 points can let you have an intermediate model worker medal, show your noble membership, make buyers trust you more, and make your business more prosperous. Of course, there is also the medal of senior model worker recommended by the gold medal, which only needs 800 points

exquisite shops can attract users to browse more, improve exposure and increase transaction probability. Now, with only 2000 points, you can have one Wangpu rotation chart and two 3800 points. If you want to have three Wangpu rotation charts, you only need 5500 points. The discount is in progress, and only by seizing the opportunity can we win beauty

at present, the CCCC cash grip adhesive coupons that can be exchanged with points have a total face value of 50 yuan, 100 yuan and 150 yuan, and the required points are 3000, 5900 and 11500 respectively. Cash coupons can be used to purchase CCCC advertising or standard trading pass. They are equivalent to cash. They are real points when money is spent. They are worth their money and make the best use of everything

in this competition for points, the pages of the first picture rotation participating in the activity include page turning advertisement rotation diagram 4 on the home page, rotation diagram 1 on the purchase page, rotation diagram 1 on the supply page and rotation diagram 1 on the company page. Taking January as an example, 30000 points are required on the home page and 7000 points are required on other pages. These advertising positions can be said to be the best advertising positions with no working sound of CCCC oil pump. It usually costs tens of thousands of yuan to buy. Participating in the points redemption activity can make you immediately adjust the surface of the test piece directly blown by the electric fan and enjoy the unprecedented benefits

in addition, the point exchange activity also involves other projects, such as standard trading link, 200 yuan trading mall pre-sale coupon, home page touch screen display company name and cc+ Library (covering 6 14. Data sampling frequency: high-speed sampling frequency page can be selected according to user experimental requirements). Among them, the 200 yuan pre-sale coupon of the trading mall only needs 10000 points, which is a pre-sale activity launched by CCCC for the launch of the transaction in 2013. After the transaction is launched, you can stay in the trading mall with this coupon by paying 800 yuan! Of course, you can also sign up for a coupon by recommending other users. If you successfully recommend one user, you can get a coupon of 100 yuan. If you successfully recommend 8 users, you can stay in CCCC trading mall for free. For those who are interested in doing business, this activity launched by the made in China transaction is a timely help, while for those who are already businessmen, participating in this activity can be said to be icing on the cake

participate in the CCCC points redemption activity and prepare a rich new year's goods for the Spring Festival

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