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Wine packaging is developing towards pet and Tetra Pak

wine packaging should learn from other fast-moving consumer goods. There are many places worth learning from in the dairy industry. Manager song of Henan said that they were all at 220V, and he always had the idea that it might be considered unorthodox, that is to use PET bottles to package wine. Wine packaged in glass bottles has many "shortcomings" that are difficult to overcome by itself, such as inconvenient to carry, fragile, etc. if PET packaging is used, there will be no trouble in this regard. However, this may also face some technical problems. Therefore, manufacturers should strengthen technological development, and the wear resistance is not good. After all, fast and convenient consumption is the future development trend

in addition, Tetra Pak wine can also solve the problem of inconvenience to carry to a certain extent, and from the perspective of wine "new world" countries, Tetra Pak also has a broad market, which can account for 10% in Australia. Although there are reasons why consumers have a high awareness of wine, after all, this caters to the positioning of wine as a fast-moving consumer goods. Xintian Tetra Pak did not receive the expected effect, which is more due to the market operation of testing hr15t hardness

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