The hottest winter is not too cold. Sany productio

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This winter is not too cold! Sany production line releases warming signal

this winter is not too cold! Sany production line releases warming signal

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this winter is not too cold

on October 30, the third quarter report of Sany Heavy Industry in 2016 showed that the company achieved an operating revenue of 16.49 billion yuan in the first three quarters; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 175million yuan, an increase of 328.48% year-on-year, realizing a turnaround from loss to profit. It is worth mentioning that the operating cash flow of Sany Heavy Industry in the quarter exceeded 2billion yuan. According to the construction machinery Market Research Report, the operating hours of construction machinery continued to grow in 2016, and the machinery operating data monitored by different enterprises and products increased. Taking Sany excavator as an example, from January to August, the average growth rate of excavator operating hours reached 5%

Sany Heavy Industry saw a sharp increase in profits in the third quarter

is the industry relatively speaking, is the application of Bento picking up? Is the company recovering? Is it meaningful for us to stick to it? Put down the statements and forget the figures. We went deep into the business departments, walked into the front line of production management, and communicated with the workers and managers here. What we heard was a positive response, what we saw was an orderly and busy scene, and what we felt was a firm confidence in the recovery of the industry

small excavation production workshop: the annual output broke records

busy, feet off the ground. " Speaking of 2016, Lang Xiaodong, workshop director of Sany Heavy Machinery structural parts department, said

Sany small excavation production workshop

Lang Xiaodong, who is currently mainly engaged in production management, was promoted to director of the workshop for just over a year, and 2016 was unanimously rated as "the busiest year" by the whole company. "This year, the output of Sany small excavation is about to exceed 10000 units, which will be the historical record of Sany, and other mining models also perform well." Looking back on the first three quarters of 2016, Lang Xiaodong felt very proud. He said that the whole industry has been declining for many years, "this figure is really eye-catching."

"employees don't have time to have a haircut. In October, we took a total of two days off, but most employees only took a rest to ensure the progress, and any inconsistency in raw materials will affect the quality of the parison. We took a rest on October 1." Yangshaoyong, deputy manager of the assembly department of xiaodig company, said, "some agents even take customers to the company to see the production progress of the equipment, and call me from time to time to ask about the current situation, so as to ensure that customers always know when their equipment can arrive at the construction site. It is conceivable that the market is booming."

Yang Shaoyong gave his interpretation of why small excavators performed so well. "This year's draft of the 13th five year plan involves a large number of the field of construction machinery, boosting the recovery of the industry, and the demand for construction machinery products represented by excavators has rebounded." He added: "the market is the main factor, and the quality and performance of our products are also very outstanding, which is very popular with customers. The domestic market share of Sany excavator increased from 8.5% in 2010 to 19.5% in 2016."

crane production workshop: the enthusiasm of workers has increased significantly

whether at the data level or the psychological level, I can feel the momentum of recovery! " Xia Tijin, deputy manager of Sany Heavy lift production management department, said, "workers' enthusiasm has increased significantly!"

Sany crane workshop

it is understood that throughout October, the equipment offline in Sany Ningxian Industrial Park increased by about 35% over the same period last year. In particular, on October 25, the 600 ton "Hulk" sac6000 was successfully delivered to customers in the Middle East, marking the smooth opening of the international market for Sany's large tonnage products. "Not only the output, but also the production capacity!" Xia Tijin said, "last year, it still needed overtime to produce five sets of equipment on a working day, and now it has achieved a daily output of six cars."

many orders, many tasks and busy work are the norm of the whole Ningxian Industrial Park. "Due to the improvement of enterprise form and the increase of workload, the average monthly income of workers in the park has increased, and their enthusiasm for production has also increased significantly. The two have formed a mutually reinforcing benign cycle, with NatureWorks new materials entering the Asian ring." Xia Tijin said, "I can feel that the production enthusiasm of the workers is very high, and the working atmosphere of the whole park is very strong!"

Sany production line released the warming signal

logistics and materials department: the workload increased by 5 to achieve one machine multi-purpose 0%

"the workload in the third quarter increased by about 30% compared with the first and second quarters." Huang Dong, deputy general manager of logistics and materials department, told the author

in this quarter, the logistics demand of each business division is growing rapidly, and the average workload of department staff has also increased by about 50%. "They are busy, we are busy", Huang Dong said. Since October, the Department has been working overtime every day, so as to deal with the needs of each business division as soon as possible, so that the equipment can be delivered smoothly through customs clearance

"the biggest problem now is that there is no delivery!" Huang Dong said, "small excavation has been in short supply, and the delivery volume of pumping has also increased by about 35%. The delivery demand of piling machines, cranes and other equipment has increased. As a front-line handling department, we can feel that the company's business, especially international business, has improved significantly."

Zuo xiaqin, an import and export salesman of the international business department, said that this month, she alone handled 19 equipment customs clearance, which was almost "too busy to win"! Although tired, but can contribute to the development of the company, it is still very fulfilling and has a sense of achievement

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