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Yingchuang won the green science and Technology Innovation Award

Yingchuang won the green science and Technology Innovation Award

February 11, 2020

recently, Yingchuang industrial group won the automobile lightweight green science and technology innovation award with its excellent vestate s curing agent

every year, the International Alliance for automotive lightweight green technology (ialta) will commend scientific and technological innovation companies that have made outstanding contributions in the field of global automotive lightweight and green technology innovation and application

in December 2019, the 13th International Summit on automotive lightweight technology and materials technology innovation and application hosted by ialta was held in Hefei, China. The 2019 "green science and Technology Innovation Award for manual pendulum impact testing machine" was awarded at the meeting. A total of 9 solutions were nominated this time. After each company introduced its innovative products to the judges and audience respectively, the final award-winning products were produced through OEM voting and jury review. The "automobile lightweight green science and Technology Innovation Award" issued by ialta is to commend the technology that significantly promotes the understanding of the knowledge about experimental machines. It is the most professional automobile energy conservation and emission reduction of our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which also saves maintenance costs and safety, as well as the application of lightweight automobile materials

Li Shuanghu, Evonik's technical manager, said that Evonik vestate s curing agent was specially developed for the automotive industry to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of lightweight design and air quality in vehicles. "The combination of vestate s curing agent and epoxy resin can make the processing process of SMC materials for structural lightweight applications simple and rapid, and minimize emissions." Leif ickert, an engineering doctor in charge of the marketing of composites and adhesives in Evonik's cross-linking agent business line, said

it is reported that epoxy curing agent vestate s improves the technical performance and processability of high-performance sheet molding compound (SMC). The temperature rise of the product is higher than the realization of higher design freedom, and SMC composites are suitable for electric vehicles and automotive lightweight structures

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