The hottest winter in Nanjing turned out to be war

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This winter in Nanjing turned out to be a "warm winter" for citizens: they were frozen silly

in warm weather, people walked out of the main outdoor space of market organizers to feel the sunshine. This group of photography Jinling Evening News Liu Peng

Jinling Evening News News Wang Jun

the freezing feeling of -10 ℃ in this winter has not been swept away from your memory, right? Roast, people who have been frozen silly by the "cold wave of the century" this year, if I tell you, this winter is actually a warm winter, will you feel very collapsed? However, the results of data observation show that it is true that this winter, not only the whole country, but also our material can be treated with special functions according to the needs of customers. The average temperature in Nanjing from December last year to February this year is also warm. If we use the weather and the utilization history of this plate is not long learned, although there is extreme cold and low temperature in winter, it is still a "warm" winter, Although it is capricious and atypical

it snows in Guangzhou, and it is extremely cold in Nanjing

however, the winter is on average warm

after the Beihai experiment

according to the statistical data of the weather in China, first of all, from the national average temperature, China is warmer this winter, but people who have been frozen into dogs and experienced local snow for more than 60 years in Guangzhou cannot agree

however, to evaluate whether a winter is cold or warm, we should not look at the temporary low temperature, but the deviation between the overall situation of the country in winter and the perennial average level. We need to average the temperature in December, January and February of the previous year. According to statistics, the temperature in most parts of China this winter is on the high side. On the whole, the average temperature in China this winter (December 1st, 2015 February 29th, 2016) is -3.1 ℃, 0.3 ℃ higher than that in the same period of the year

especially in some places such as Tibet, Northern Xinjiang and northern Heilongjiang, the average temperature is higher than that in perennial winter. Of course, the temperature in China this winter is uneven. In some places such as Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, northern Hebei, southern and Eastern Liaoning, Southeast Guangxi and southwest Guangdong, the average temperature is lower than that in the same period of the year by more than 6 ℃, and I feel a deep chill in this winter

although the average temperature in Nanjing in the whole winter has not been fully released, it was learned from the Nanjing meteorological observatory that in December last year, the temperature at various stations in Nanjing was 0.9 ℃ to 1.6 ℃, while the temperature in January and February this year in Nanjing was normal and slightly warm, both at 0 ℃ to 0.4 ℃. Therefore, in any case, the average temperature of each month in the three months of this winter was higher than that of the same period in history, Therefore, the average temperature in the three months of this winter must be warmer than the historical average, rather than colder

atypical warm winter

create the most wayward winter

say that this winter is a warm winter in Nanjing, presumably many Nanjing People's hearts are collapsed and unacceptable, because people can't forget the state of extreme cold and low temperature freezing into dogs in the twenty years of -10 ℃ cotton pants warning, but on the other hand, since the Spring Festival, people really feel warmer than before, the temperature above 20 ℃ appears frequently, the Spring Festival is as warm as summer, and the flying catkins of Wutong are early Spring flowers bloom and willows sprout rapidly. Many people say that the temperature map of this winter in Nanjing is drawn like a "stock market", which is as capricious as "flying into the sky" when it is warm and "falling to the ground" when it is cold

meteorological experts said that, indeed, this winter is very willful, wandering between the cold and warm poles. Although it is said to be a warm winter, it is very different from our impression. It belongs to an atypical warm winter. Winter is not blindly warm, but the cold and warm fluctuations are very large. Although the average temperature is warm, it has experienced a rare extremely cold, frozen and snowy day in history in 49 days

this year's atypical warm winter is so capricious that the driving force behind it is the extremely strong El Nino effect, which makes this winter's weather very extreme. However, the warm winter alone has been a trend in recent years. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the winter in Nanjing and Chengdu has been relatively warm

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