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it was learned from the 2009 Joint Conference on comprehensive environmental improvement that Hainan Province is studying the system of paid recycling of waste plastic bags and agricultural plastic films, and is preparing to give appropriate subsidies to the cleaned plastic bags and agricultural plastic films

the relevant person in charge of the provincial leading group for comprehensive environmental improvement believes that the state's regulations on the paid use of plastic shopping bags can alleviate the waste of plastic bags to a certain extent, but the problem of random discarding of plastic shopping bags is still difficult to be fundamentally curbed. The root cause is that there is no paid recycling channel. Therefore, there should be a reward as well as a penalty. If plastic bags are recycled and reused with compensation, environmental protection and energy conservation can be achieved, which is also conducive to mobilizing consumers' enthusiasm to save plastic bags

for example, the person in charge said that the reason why milk bottles with use control policy are rarely seen on the street is that they are recycled. These paid recycling methods have greatly mobilized consumers' awareness of keeping the packaging and do not discard the packaging of consumer goods at will. For the production enterprises, they have also realized resource conservation and reuse, realized environmental optimization, and facilitated the production and operation of the original enterprises

insiders call on retail outlets to provide plastic bags to consumers for a fee. Besides, plastic shopping bag manufacturers and commodity operators should establish a linkage mechanism for plastic shopping bag recycling, clearly mark the recycling price, and punish those who do not recycle according to the regulations

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