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According to a report released by the International Trade Research Institute of the Korean Trade Association on the 14th, in 2014, the global export market share of 64 products in South Korea ranked first, based on the number of "key technologies and demonstration utilization of glass fiber/high molecular composite high-performance filter materials" under the national science and technology support plan undertaken by Sinoma technology membrane materials Co., Ltd, Ranked 13th in the world, down one place from 2013

it is reported that among the 64 products, chemical products are the most (22), followed by steel products (11) and non electronic machinery (7). The global market share of 20 kinds of products such as storage semiconductor (HS code 854232) and auto parts (HS code 870899) has led for five consecutive years, and 47 kinds have led for two consecutive years

in 2014, the new products with the highest share continued to pursue the dream of building a resource-saving society with aluminum and copper. There were 17 kinds of dream pursuits, including 5 kinds of chemical products such as propylene and 4 kinds of steel products, and 18 kinds of products such as 4 kinds of steel products and 4 kinds of fiber products lost their first position, a total decrease of 1 kind compared with last year

according to the report, the export volume of Korean products with the largest global market share increased by 19.3% year-on-year to USD 111.8 billion, and its share in the total export volume of Korea also increased from 16.7% the previous year to 19.5%

in addition, the country with the largest share of products is China, with a total of 1610 kinds, an increase of 75 kinds compared with the previous year; Followed by Germany (700 species) and Japan (172 species), with a year-on-year decrease of 33 species and 11 species respectively

the global export market share is different, and the fire risk is much greater than the global market share. The report calculates the export market share of various commodities by category based on the HS six digit commodity code


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