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"Rongsheng machinery" bloomed magnificently bices2011

Introduction: on October 18, 2011, Beijing BICES exhibition was grandly opened in the New International Expo Center. Rongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. from Hefei, Anhui Province, with the full support of its parent company Rongsheng group, officially unveiled Beijing bices2011 with its ZY and RS series excavators. Worth

on October 18, "the environmental conditions (including platform environment) around the tested products created by the experimental equipment should meet the requirements of the environmental conditions and tolerance specified in the product experimental specifications". 2011 Beijing BICES exhibition was grandly opened in the New International Expo Center. Rongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. from Anhui Hefei, with the full support of its parent company Rongsheng group, carried its "ZY" and "RS" for the first time Two series of excavators were officially unveiled in Beijing "bices2011"

it is noteworthy that the theme of this Beijing exhibition is "green, change and the future". In a sense, it coincides with the development process of Rongsheng machinery in recent years. In March 2010, Rongsheng Group invested and established "Rongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd." in Hefei, and officially entered the construction machinery industry through the merger and acquisition of Hefei Zhenyu, so that Rongsheng machinery will become a reality at the peak working temperature of 250 ℃ in the future and stand at the commanding height of the industry in the early stage of development. Of course, Rongsheng people did not stop their progress. From November 2010 to June 28, 2011, Rongsheng machinery completed the construction of the general assembly workshop in only more than 7 months, and realized the offline of the first excavator in the same period, creating a miracle in the engineering construction of the same industry! Then, Rongsheng machinery made another effort. By collecting industry experience and strengthening the continuous understanding of the market environment and customer needs, it finally grandly launched the long brewing RS series excavator at this "BICES Exhibition", and its new dynamic compactor, crawler crane and other products have also entered the final development stage. The gorgeous transformation of Rongsheng machinery and the core of the enterprise advocating green humanities can not help but be admired

this is Rongsheng machinery's first appearance in Beijing bices2011 exhibition, with a total area of 1550 square meters and 14 products. The site is divided into three areas: equipment display, activity performance and equipment on-site demonstration. As the official release of new brands and products, Rongsheng machinery has attracted great attention from the industry. There are an endless stream of customers at home and abroad who come to consult. There is a great flow of people in front of the product booth. Some large users said that they would make a special trip to Hefei after the meeting to make a field visit to the company, enhance their further understanding of the company's products, and clearly express their intention of cooperation in the future. This is not only the charm of Rongsheng products, but also reflects Rongsheng's emphasis on booth design, exhibition publications, videos and staff words and deeds. The installation method of Rongsheng positron tensile testing machine: strive to move towards international standards

Rongsheng machinery has been making greater efforts in product technology and innovation. At the same time, it has invested a lot of energy in product construction conditions and actual needs of users. At the beginning of this year, Rongsheng machinery made new adjustments to its products, continuously strengthened its understanding of the market environment and customer needs, vigorously promoted product R & D and core technological innovation, and actively improved its marketing and service network. Due to the collection of a large number of professionals in the industry, Rongsheng machinery has developed more rapidly and its product line has been further expanded. At present, it has extended to new fields such as dynamic compactor and crawler crane, and has achieved gratifying results. In this exhibition, Rongsheng machinery takes excavator products as the highlight of the exhibition. Its products are distributed in all ton products from ZY to rs460. Among them, zy210sd wetland excavator due to wetland operation has a complete product line layout, showing its super ability of R & D and manufacturing of a full range of excavator products

at the exhibition site, Rongsheng machinery showed the overall performance of the equipment through the on-site demonstration of the equipment and interaction with the audience. Through the pattern performance of excavator skill program, it attracted bursts of applause and applause from the audience, and also made the on-site audience have more diversified understanding of Rongsheng and its products. Rongsheng machinery's advantages of high configuration and high performance have left a deep impression on customers. In addition, its excellent service has won a good reputation from new and old customers, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of on-site signing. Customers have said that Rongsheng Brand products have good performance and considerate service, and Rongsheng Brand is trustworthy

on the way forward, Rongsheng people firmly shouted "we are confident and capable of creating the brilliance of Rongsheng heavy industry; we are confident and capable of building Rongsheng Brand of China's construction machinery; we are confident and capable of building a win-win platform for cooperation with all walks of life". It is believed that the "brilliant shoulders" of the mechanical giant will bring a burst of passion to the mechanical giant

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