Small spacing LED screens will maintain rapid grow

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Small spacing LED screens will maintain rapid growth in the next few years

since the LED small spacing display market began to enter a real explosive growth period in 2016, major screen enterprises have continuously increased technology research and development and market layout in this regard. The point spacing of LED display products has been continuously broken through, the pixel density has increased sharply, the resolution has also been greatly improved, and the application market is accelerating its penetration into the field of large screen display. It can be seen that the market prospect of LED small spacing display screen is very considerable

with the continuous improvement of LED display technology, small spacing LED display is becoming more and more perfect. After the precipitation of the industry, P2 Those below 5 are called small spacing LED displays. According to the data, at present, the smallest small spacing is P1 5. Other models include P2 and P1 9, etc. The purpose of small spacing LED display screen is to achieve high definition and enter the household appliance industry. Now in the future, building materials plastic will be more and more favored by consumers. LED displays are used as municipal and commercial media. If we enter the home appliance industry, it will develop into a monopoly technology in the market

even P1 5 or less, to achieve full HD resolution (1920) × 1080), the screen size will also reach 144 inches, which requires a lot of space. This does not include the size of the base. It is difficult to find a wall that can put it down, nor does it include the construction space

the price decline is also an important factor. Compared with large-size LCD TV, small spacing LED display is at least 40% cheaper. Some senior people in the industry believe that the cost of making LCD panels large is too high. Take 120 inch as an example, the cost of LCD panel is about 800000-1.2 million, while it only needs 500000-600000 to make the screen with LED display screen. Obviously, the cost has been greatly reduced. In addition, people in the industry seem confident that small spacing LED TV will replace LCD TV splicing wall. Maybe we can buy LED TV for home use in six months

in terms of price, as the spacing of LED light beads becomes smaller, the LED light beads we install are more dense. The requirements of small spacing LED display screen are very high, and the heat dissipation, circuit or power supply are relatively high compared with other LED display screens. At present, the technology of small spacing LED display screen is still in the development stage and is not very proficient, resulting in the abnormal price of small spacing LED display screen, However, as the technology of small spacing LED display screen becomes more and more sophisticated and the production capacity becomes higher and higher, our price will also drop

in terms of maintenance, although the service life of LED display screen is very long, there are many lamp beads, and the required thickness indoors is not as high as that outdoors, resulting in poor heat dissipation effect and prone to failure. In this way, it is relatively difficult to maintain the small spacing LED display screen. The Asia Pacific region dominates the global BDO market, but at present, there are perfect technologies to maintain the LED display screen

the bright area ratio of LED display screen is the ratio of each pixel of the luminous surface to the pixels of the whole LED display screen. LED display screen is composed of discrete pixels, and there are constant differences between pixels. Some close to the visual effect is not very good, and the brightness is uneven, there will be granular things. If the light source is in a small pixel, the brightness index of a pixel will be very high, which will cause a strong visual impact. Flat panel LED display is a recognized TCO'99 standard in the industry. LED lamps cannot be less than 50%, but now LED display screens in many markets can not meet the requirements. The cut-off characteristic of low-pass filter of TV also directly affects the appropriate shooting distance of LED display screen with different filling coefficient. Those with a small filling coefficient have more attenuation than those with a large filling coefficient, so taking photos is far away. If the low-pass filter passband of the system is 4MHz and the attenuation characteristic of high frequency is 12dB/octave, the shooting distance with 25% filling coefficient will be attenuated by 1.15db more than that with 50% filling coefficient, and the shooting distance needs to be increased by about 10%. The improvement of the filling coefficient is the ideal for the wider application of LED display screen and the more color difference, which perfectly solves the dazzling problem. Now the conditions for the creation of LED display screen are getting better and better

LED display screen market has been widely used in various fields of daily life, such as advertising media, sports venues, stage performances, etc. by improving the conversion rate of merchants. It has also become the most mature market segment in China's LED application field. When the gross profit of ordinary products tends to be low and the price scuffle makes many manufacturers weak, the power market segmentation should become an effective way to break through the encirclement. At the same time, with the increasingly widespread use of small spacing LED display screen, the price also further decreases, and the application field also accelerates the expansion. In the future, it will fully enter more commercial applications such as media, advertising, cinemas and so on. Relevant institutions predict that the market scale of small spacing LED will be close to 10 billion by 2018, and will maintain rapid growth in the next three years

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