Seven publishing and printing enterprises in Hubei

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Seven publishing and printing enterprises in Hubei intend to be listed

the office of the leading group for the listing of enterprises in Hubei Province issued the announcement on the list of listed backup enterprises in Hubei Province on March 5. Seven enterprises in the publishing industry in Hubei Province were included in the list of listed backup enterprises. These seven enterprises include three publishing and media enterprises and four printing enterprises

listed backup enterprises in Hubei Province are divided into three categories, including 7 enterprises in the publishing industry. There are three enterprises listed in the first category of key cultivation at the same time, of which the key supporting enterprises are Hubei Zhiyin periodical publishing industry group Co., Ltd., and the key cultivating enterprises are Hubei CITIC Jinghua Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Hubei Changjiang Publishing Group Co., Ltd. There are two enterprises listed in the second cultivation category, Hubei Chutian Media Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Mary Stationery Co., Ltd. The enterprises listed in the third category of support include Wuhan Xinwen bill printing Co., Ltd. and Hubei Yunhe salt packaging Co., Ltd

according to the announcement, after local application and review, Hubei Provincial listing office should surround it with various rat catching appliances into a protection. It is determined that there are 282 listed reserve enterprises in the province in 2009. According to the several opinions of Hubei Provincial People's Government on promoting enterprise listing, Hubei Provincial listing office will provide key guidance and cultivation

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