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As of the end of February, Shaanxi blower (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaangu") stood out among many industrial enterprises in Shaanxi, ranking among the enterprises with a growth of 4.2% with a year-on-year increase of 3.97% in total industrial output value and 8.04% in operating revenue

2020, New Coronavirus infected the epidemic of pneumonia from Wuhan to the whole country, and all over the country adopted strict epidemic prevention and control measures. According to the data in the investigation report on the impact of resumption of work and production and operation of Shaanxi industrial enterprises recently released by the Shaanxi investigation team of the National Bureau of statistics, 81.1% of enterprises expect their operating income to decline in varying degrees in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period of last year... 14.7% of enterprises are expected to be the same as the same period of last year, and only 4.2% of enterprises expect their operating income to maintain growth

the epidemic situation tests the "resilience" of enterprises to deal with the crisis, as well as the and responsibility of enterprises as a link of the industrial chain. When the external environment changes unprepared, Shaangu group quickly adjusted and implemented accurate policies to ensure the double line operation of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. It was learned in the interview that as of the end of February, Shaanxi blower (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaangu") stood out among many industrial enterprises in Shaanxi, ranking among the growth enterprises with 4.2% year-on-year growth with the operating performance of 3.97% year-on-year growth of total industrial output value and 8.04% year-on-year growth of operating revenue

Why are users so attracted to Shaangu? Carrying the important task of customizing system solutions and system services for key projects in pillar industries of the national economy such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, air separation, electric power, urban construction, environmental protection and pharmacy, Shaangu has served customers with "tenacity" and gained moving and trust in the journey of resuming work and production and fully promoting regional economic development

two years ago, the general office of Hebei provincial government issued the implementation plan on accelerating the opening and development of coastal areas, which stressed that by 2020, we should improve the international competitiveness of advantageous industries, adhere to the guidance of high-quality, high-end and fine, promote the construction of high-quality steel industry belt, promote the capacity expansion and quality improvement of high-quality steel, and promote traditional industries to move forward to the high end of the value chain. Once the plan was released, it was supported and responded by large iron and steel enterprises in Hebei Province. With a high sense of society, an iron and Steel Group actively connected with the core competence and resources of Shaangu distributed energy, and planned and implemented the equipment upgrading and transformation capacity replacement project. The project is located in Qianxi County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. After the completion of the project, the annual output of the project will be 3.08 million tons of qualified molten iron, 3 million tons of qualified molten steel, 4.25 million tons of sinter and 2 million tons of steel. The main products and output are 700000 tons/year of I-beam, 700000 tons/year of channel steel and 600000 tons/year of angle steel

in this project, Shaangu equipped users with two sets of av80-bprt blast furnace blowers and blast furnace gas energy recovery turbine units for 2000m3 blast furnace, which solved the problems such as insufficient site space estimated to reach £ 4.5 billion by 2019, large investment and high operation and maintenance costs, fully reflecting the in-depth understanding and solid practice of enterprises on both sides to vigorously promote the supply side structural reform and resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel. Before the Spring Festival of 2020, the equipment provided by Shaanxi drum had been successfully entered into the factory according to the requirements of users. It was ready for the next installation and commissioning. Suddenly, the COVID-19 broke the rhythm of the original performance of the Shaanxi drum.

recently, when the team of Wang Wengang, Ding Anmin, Qi Pingwei, Zhu Baocang and Wang Tao arrived at the scene, they saw that the plant building works on the project site were being pushed forward. The site space of the newly-built large blast furnace is very narrow, and some of the original feeding equipment of the user is still in operation, which has caused great difficulties for the installation and commissioning of the unit. Under the dual pressure of epidemic prevention and control and user performance, in order to ensure the accurate performance of the project, the members of Shaangu project department arrange the schedule according to the project nodes, dynamically adjust the process, refine the work tasks and accurately supervise the process in place, so as to realize the high-quality closed-loop management of the project and win more time for the overall promotion of the project. Wang Wengang, the project manager of Shaangu, told several injection molding machine manufacturers that they would present a utilization plan for injection blow molding: "Although the epidemic has brought many difficulties to the project performance, it can not stop the 'tenacity' of the people in Shaangu. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we regard the project performance as a good opportunity to tap the potential internally and improve services externally, and use all methods to improve management and efficiency to ensure the smooth delivery of the project!"

it is understood that as of press time, the first coaxial unit of blast furnace blower and blast furnace gas turbine of the project has been installed with the efficient promotion of the on-site project team, and will soon enter the commissioning stage, and the second unit will also arrive at the end of the month

at this time, in Chongqing, 1545km away, the adipic acid expansion project of a company in Chongqing, which is contracted by Shaangu, is under intense promotion. The core power equipment nitric acid "four in one" unit in the unit is also designed and manufactured by Shaangu. The production method adopts the world's most advanced double pressurization method, which can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of ammonia. The nitric acid concentration of the product can reach 68%, and the NOx content in the tail gas is less than 200ppm, which has high environmental protection requirements

during the implementation of nitric acid project, the hoisting of absorption tower is a major node in the implementation of the project. The absorption tower is 68 meters high, 5.8 meters in diameter and weighs more than 600 tons. In order to successfully overcome this biggest difficulty, the members of Chongqing project department led by project manager Su Shunxing accurately planned, implemented all details of the hoisting scheme, deployed hoisting equipment and personnel, and under the unified coordination and command of the project department, the hoisting team operated strictly to ensure the accuracy of equipment installation. After nearly 15 days of continuous struggle, the project team finally completed the hoisting of four sections of nitric acid absorption tower safely and efficiently. At present, the project has been fully completed and will be put into operation. As the project manager of shaanxing, we feel that it is worthwhile for us to pay more attention to the project and ensure that the project is implemented smoothly. Now, as the project manager of shaanxing, we are the most worthy of our efforts to ensure that the project is implemented smoothly

due to its keen sense of smell and clear understanding of the changes in the external market, Shaangu maintains the vitality of "but does grade B1 material not have isolation belt? This should depend on the material". In the 52 year development process, from manufacturing, surpassing manufacturing to entering the trillion level distributed energy market, Shaangu has constantly broken through the industry boundary, With a stronger operating physique and a more "resilient" core competitiveness of distributed energy, we will continue to meet and lead customer needs and contribute to the high-quality development of regional economy. One belt, one road, has completed 17 key projects covering the domestic chemical, steel and military industries, and the compliance rate has reached 100%. "Shaangu has always worked with the people of the whole country in the same boat, helped each other, worked together to fight the epidemic, and made continuous efforts to serve and support the construction of the national economy and the healthy operation of the market economy!" Li Hongan, party secretary and chairman of Shaangu group, said

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