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Since June, the bearing operation site of heavy truck of Wazhou group has been busy. With the wheel end bearings of exported heavy truck trailers passing the engineering verification of customers, the bearing shafts have been officially supplied in batches to North America

since June, how to personalize the heavy truck vehicles of Wazhou group to meet the requirements of customers? The bearing operation site has been busy. With the wheel end bearings of exported heavy truck trailers passing the engineering verification of customers, the bearing shafts have been officially supplied in batches to North America

this is the first time that the high-end heavy truck bearing of bearing shaft has been officially awarded the project of heavy truck trailer/trailer wheel end application after it has been applied at the wheel end of American school bus axle in batches

from low-end to high-end, Wuji becomes Phoenix, which is the latest example of tile shaft products becoming famous in the international market. In recent years, the research, development and manufacturing of high-end automobile bearings for export have been accelerated, and the independently developed automobile bearings have reached the world-class level

not only that, since this year, high-end automotive bearings of the axle have begun to enter the supporting market of luxury models in Europe, realizing the "double jump" of exported automotive bearings from the U.S. market to the European market. High end automotive bearings have become the fulcrum of bearing shafts to the European and American markets, driving the company's overseas market turnover to increase at an average annual rate of more than 15% in the past three years

at a time when domestic bearing enterprises are generally in a survival crisis, the internationalization of the bearing shaft is getting wider and wider. What is the secret? 2. Deal with the material with large deformation due to excessive deformation? Meng Wei, chairman of the tile shaft, said that in the past, the hardware and key equipment of the tile shaft were not bad at all. Why can't we produce first-class products? This is a common problem faced by China's equipment manufacturing industry, which pays too much attention to hardware investment and ignores software investment. Therefore, the investment in management, R & D, testing, testing and technology lags behind

in order to make up for this weakness, the bearing shaft firmly implements the "going out" strategy. The high-end markets in the United States and Europe are the major demand for bearings, accounting for 29% and 21% of the total global demand, respectively. The bearing axis aims at these two markets internationally

in 2014, the "axle bush American Engineering Technology Center" was established in Detroit, the United States, becoming the first overseas inspection and testing center in China's bearing industry; 2. The problem cannot be seen in a short time. In 2015, the "European research and development center of Wazhou" was established in Leipzig, Germany. The two centers focus on research and development abroad, employ nearly 50 overseas technical elites, implement the "overseas localization" strategy, resonate with international cutting-edge technologies, and become a "technical window" for overseas customers to quickly understand the tile axis

with the layout of internationalization strategy, the tile axis has not only obtained the international market pass, but also cultivated the European and American markets step by step. At present, 80% of its export volume is matched by the world's top 500 companies. Among them, Siemens' business accounts for 30% of the overseas turnover of the axle; The three major automobile companies in the United States account for more than 20%. In the next three years, it is expected that the sales volume in the United States will reach 300million yuan; The customer structure has also shifted from supporting the middle and low-end to supporting the host market for the world's top 500 companies

the establishment of overseas R & D centers has improved the R & D capacity of high-end products of bearing shafts

Qu Yuan Ju Jiatian (text/picture)

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