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There are also local love stories in the s drama. Chai Biyun harvested the "pole" advertisement

Chai Biyun decorated Xicheng

Wang Jin served as the producer, Wang Zi directed, mediocre screenwriter, Jin Shijia, Chai Biyun, Li Mao, Xu xiaosa, Xie Fang, Qian Bo, Liu Yajin, Su Guotao, chaiou, Wang Weihua, Xinzi, Liang Jiawei, Lu Jia The youth memory warmth blockbuster "our first 40 years in use", starring Xu Yiwen and others, is on the air at 19:30 every night in Jiangsu Satellite TV's happiness theater. In the plot broadcast recently, Xicheng, who lost his mother, couldn't reach the ideal measurement effect to Feng Du. He leaned sadly on Feng Du's chest and cried loudly, saying, "people are vulnerable, and when they are vulnerable, they want to find a telegraph pole to lean against." Seeing that it laid the foundation of the classical strength theory of fatigue damage, the audience shouted heartache, and more friends asked, "where did chaibiyun find the telegraph pole?"

s drama also has Tu Su love talk capital CP "telegraph pole" is very heart piercing

in the recently broadcast plot, Xicheng (Chai Biyun) with the help of Feng Du (Jin Shijia) scraped up enough money for her mother to have surgery. When she went to school to find Feng Du again, what she brought to Feng Du was the news of her mother's death. Xicheng leaned sadly on Feng Du's chest and cried loudly, saying bluntly, "when people are fragile, they want to find a telegraph pole to lean against. You are the telegraph pole." This crying scene made the audience cry out for heartache, and Feng Dudi's answer was to poke Su directly, saying, "OK, today I'm your telegraph pole." Many friends commented, "I like this kind of Tu Su love talk."

Chai Biyun's real crying drama was praised by friends. "Where's your idol's burden"

Xicheng played by Chai Biyun just went online, and she suffered from the death of her mother. "Ueda Yingzhi said that the first thing he thought of was to find Feng Du who had helped him the most. With reddish eyes, trembling shoulders, and a wrinkled nose, chaibiyun brings herself into the character's mood to convey the character's sadness with her body and expression, and even lead the audience to feel the character's pain. After a big cry, Xicheng turned back to the brave and strong girl, turning around one by one, and even her back was filled with determination. Chai Biyun's crying drama, regardless of its image, also won praise from the audience. Friends commented, "Chai Biyun, where's your idol burden?"

the TV series "our forty years" is on the air. For more highlights, please lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV happiness theater at 19:30 every night

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