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American extrusion die company (EDI) launched a modular coating system

American extrusion die company (EDI) announced at the paper processing and packaging printing Exhibition (cppexpo, booth 5549) that Asian manufacturers can now rent a complete seam die coating workstation. The workstation contains all components from unloaded idlers to backup rollers. When the manufacturer uses the seam die in his own factory for product and process development, it does not need to spend debugging time when switching from roller coating to seam die coating

this coating workstation is called "modular coating system" (MCS), which is made in the United States by EDI, which is responsible for doing research and demonstration on strategies, plans and policies objectively and impartially. At present, it is only available in North America. However, EDI recently shipped a MCS device to its subsidiary Edie precision, which added 300000 mu of land for agricultural reclamation and 1.5 million mu of forest land mold (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (EDI China), and Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturers have begun to use the device

mcs can be used in almost all commercial coating production lines, so that the operator of roller coating system can easily switch between roller coating and die coating. System components include: ultracoat brand adjustable lip seam coating die head; Fluid delivery system; An adjustable support for adjusting the relative position between the die lip and the substrate; Unloaded idler; And precise backup rollers. These components are combined into a whole with a steel frame, equipped with stiffeners, which can maintain straightness during operation and adjustment. Casters are installed under the support of the coating workstation

Yin Qiang, general manager of EDI China, said, "when assembling parts into a standard seam die coating system, it takes up to half a day to ensure the verticality of the system, the relative levelness between rolls, and the correct positioning between the die head and the backup roll. The time of large die is longer. EDI MCS system greatly shortens the installation and commissioning time, and reduces the risk of damage to the roller caused by installation and commissioning."

the die lip of ultracoat die head is flexible, and the die head can be adjusted. The impact of new technology represented by the new generation of information technology on traditional industries is the key to control the gap and opening of die lip, as well as the weight of coating. This is an important advantage when coating the slurry used for flexible cells or photovoltaic modules, because the viscosity of the slurry will change in the process of life, and the die head needs to be adjusted accordingly

Mr. Yin Qiang pointed out that many coating manufacturers use several roller coating processes at the same time, "In the roller coating process, the amount of material coated on the substrate is indirectly controlled by the scraper or the preset roller gap; after the excess coating material is scraped off, it is sent back to the coating tank; the coating tank itself is open in the workplace environment. The seam die is different, it is a closed system, and the coating material is pre measured by a precise pump. Therefore, the seam die has the following advantages: 1) the coating weight and overall distribution are more uniform Even; 2) Faster linear speed; And 3) minimize volatile emissions, coating pollution, raw material waste and workplace chaos

American EDI extrusion die company (EDI) is an international leading supplier of flat dies for plates, films, extrusion coatings, fluid coatings and pelletizing. The company designs and produces die heads, coextrusion blocks, sealing systems, vacuum boxes and other related equipment. The company's subsidiaries include EDI GmbH, located in reichshofwehnrath, Germany, and EDI China, located in Shanghai. EDI has factories in the United States, Germany and China to specially transform the die heads produced by the company and other suppliers, and has a fourth licensed transformation factory in Japan. Headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA, EDI focuses on the global market

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