The hottest time is 0 for zr150b rotary drilling r

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Time is Wang Zoomlion zr150b rotary drilling rig

time is Wang Zoomlion zr150b rotary drilling rig

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Guide: in line with the tide of national urban deep infrastructure and affordable housing construction, after careful research and multi site testing construction, Zoomlion zr150b vowed to achieve the industry's ultimate efficiency in industrial and civil construction, work efficiency wins the construction period, and industrial and civil construction focuses on efficiency, Efficient construction is the customer

in line with the tide of national urban deep infrastructure construction and affordable housing construction, Zoomlion zr150b vowed to achieve the industry's ultimate product performance in industrial and civil construction after careful research and multi site testing construction

efficient work efficiency outperforms the construction period

Industrial and civil construction focuses on efficiency, and efficient construction is the primary magic weapon for customers to benefit. Therefore, the first thing zr150b does is speed up: the outstanding r/min power head speed and 72m/min main winch lifting speed greatly improve the work efficiency of the main working condition, and the rotation speed is as high as 4rpm, reducing the time-consuming of the auxiliary working condition. In this way, the working efficiency of the whole machine is greatly improved, so that customers can earn more profits in the same time

speed is not the only requirement for industrial and civil construction. The strictly implemented construction period also has high requirements for the stability and reliability of construction equipment. Equipment with a high failure rate is likely to be invited out of the site by the project department. The special chassis of Zoomlion rotary drilling rig adopted by zr150b is a hard guarantee for stability: because the special chassis will not limit the main winch to the extreme forward or backward position, but will be arranged according to the stability needs of the whole machine, which increases the anti overturning stability of the whole machine. In addition, the special engine automatic power control system of Zoomlion implements the joint control and perfect matching of engine speed, hydraulic system pressure and main pump displacement, which can ensure that the engine runs strongly and efficiently at all times

international famous brand parts are also an important feature of high reliability, so the zr150b adopts the original Cummins transmitter. At the same time, the hydraulic components of the whole vehicle and let it continue to swing forward are all imported famous brands, such as Kawasaki main pump main valve, Rexroth motor reducer, etc., ensuring the reliability of the whole machine

save time and reduce cost

in order to ensure the quality of hole forming and avoid the waste of time of backfilling and rework, the manual integrated vertical adjustment operation cooperates with the unique pressure anti warping system of Zoomlion to monitor the perpendicularity of hole forming in the whole process, with rapid feedback and automatic control, so as to avoid the occurrence of hole deviation and hole string

in order to shorten the time for the whole machine to unfold, fold and be included, the link of folding the anchor frame is removed, so the pulley frame and the upper mast are designed in an integrated way, which saves the time for the equipment to unfold, and even saves the corresponding human and material resources

in order to shorten the response time to the actual construction situation, the hydraulic system adopts the internationally advanced load feedback technology to realize the automatic perfect match between the pump output power at the same time and the system load under various working conditions, and the construction efficiency is greatly improved

the hydraulic system is perfectly matched to make the flow and power output distribution more reasonable, which can effectively prolong the service life of hydraulic components

the single-layer rope of the main winch works, which greatly reduces the wear of the steel wire rope of the main winch and effectively extends the service life of the steel wire rope of the main winch

light, flexible and safe construction

in view of the fact that industrial and civil construction is mostly in urban areas, and the construction operation surface is relatively narrow, gb/t1449 ⑵ 005 fiber reinforced plastic has a small tortuous performance experiment. The structural optimization of the mast and luffing mechanism by zr150b makes the weight of the front-end device of the whole machine reduced, which not only ensures that zr150b is lighter and more flexible, but also has the highest stability among the same type of equipment in the industry

a variety of equipment on the industrial and civil construction construction site operate at the same time. In order to catch up with the construction period, the driver repeats the monotonous operation for a long time, which is easy to cause construction accidents. In view of the above situation, Zoomlion R & D personnel designed multiple logic modules to intelligently limit the dangerous operation of the equipment, so as to ensure the safe operation of the whole machine and prevent the loss caused by accidents to the greatest extent

10.4-inch integrated high-definition true color LCD screen will display important information of the whole machine, such as engine speed, fuel consumption and fault diagnosis information, mast perpendicularity, drilling rig operation status, drilling rig fault diagnosis, through animation and digital double display, constantly feed back the state of the whole machine, timely warn potential faults, and ensure that the equipment works in the best state

the computer central control system based on the international advanced can bus control adopts the special controller for construction machinery to coordinate and control the engine, hydraulic pump, main valve and control handle, and cooperate with the ergonomic console to achieve superior control

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