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Layoffs, bankruptcies, cold winters it is time for home furnishing practitioners to share weal and woe

Abstract: at present, layoffs are not the only crisis in the industry, but also "losses", "bankruptcies" and "capital winter" will awaken people's sense of crisis. For household people, laying a good foundation and strengthening core competitiveness are the keys to tide over the difficulties, but it also means that the time has come for the industry to share weal and woe, keep warm, sharpen will and tide over the difficulties

IKEA group, which has 367 IKEA furniture stores around the world, said some time ago that it plans to lay off 7500 people in the next few years, equivalent to nearly 5% of the company's current staff. The executives responsible for central support management bear the brunt

Chengfeng furniture, the leader of China's furniture industry with assets of 3billion, declared bankruptcy after 20 years of painstaking operation; After 17 years of operation, the kitchen cabinets of Haolaiwu in more than 600 stores have been exploded and have entered the stage of bankruptcy liquidation, with a salary arrears of nearly 5million yuan

once a doctor of famous cabinet brands in Southwest China, he was doomed and officially declared bankruptcy and liquidation; Fujian Zhongyu sanitary ware, a well-known brand in the sanitary ware industry, is deeply in the crisis of bankruptcy and liquidation

at the beginning of September 2018, the home furnishing industry suddenly exposed the news that Boliang wooden door closed its stores nationwide and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Since then, Boliang wooden door has fallen into the "doubt" of bankruptcy

due to the caution of the market, all companies have tightened their pockets. Both giants and start-ups organized and arranged by the user department have stepped on the "emergency brake"

when the cold is getting worse, layoffs have become a way for entrepreneurs, and many people have a turning point in their fate

layoffs exist at any time in any enterprise.

"you will feel as if all industries are layoffs this year. In fact, you should be prepared. Layoffs will occur at any time."

some people say, never assume that the crisis will not come to you

living in an increasingly uncertain world is an inevitable result behind chance. Now the market is ups and downs, and large and small enterprises at home and abroad are experiencing layoffs

in October 2018, Tesla, the star company, announced its restructuring plan. According to Tesla CEO musk, the company will cut 9% of its staff. Tesla has more than 40000 employees. This layoff means that more than 4000 employees will be fired

almost at the same time, Verizon, the largest operator in the United States, failed to resist the impact of the depressed market. At the node of the cross 5g era, Verizon was forced to lay off staff to save money, and the number of layoffs was as high as 44000

Toshiba was blasted to lay off 7000 people

Toshiba, a veteran Japanese technology giant, also announced a few days ago that the company will lay off 7000 people in the future (accounting for about 5% of its total global employees), in order to reverse the current poor business operation

compared with China, since June 2018, hundreds of P2P platforms across the country have exploded one after another, and layoffs have taken the lead in the field of mutual funds. After that, meituan and Lago revealed layoffs; Alibaba, and Huawei have "reduced their recruitment" to varying degrees; After that, it was rumored that Yi Pangu studio was merged into Leihuo, and the wealth management platform was blasted and laid off

The talent market behind layoffs is a protracted tug of war between supply and demand

Liepin provided zinc finance with the Research Report on Q4 recruitment trend in 2018: the enterprise recruitment plan showed a downward trend in the fourth quarter of 2018; Compared with the third quarter of 2018, the recruitment demand of enterprises began to slow down

the enterprise itself also has contradictions. On the one hand, it pursues business breakthroughs and urgently needs talents; On the other hand, we will continue to reduce labor costs

enterprises are more cautious about recruiting, no longer blindly expanding, but strengthening the deployment of elite soldiers and strong generals

especially in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the employment market is relatively prosperous. The CIER index in this quarter is 1.86, and has a significant rebound compared with the previous quarter

in Yangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing and Zhenjiang in the Yangtze River Delta, Foshan, Zhongshan and Huizhou in the Pearl River Delta, the CIER index exceeded 2 in this quarter, and some cities even exceeded 3, indicating that demand was significantly greater than supply

for the job market, job seekers' feelings are more real

one of the most important things about home is that residents calmly deal with the deterioration of the market environment. Everyone at home should maintain a sense of crisis and actively respond

many job seekers are in the wait-and-see stage. At the same time, the salary has also been adjusted to varying degrees

the enviable industry pattern has also begun to change. For example, before the use of puncture devices, such as the securities industry, this once bright circle has also embarked on the road of "de productivity"

layoffs do not sit up until you know that the original soft and flexible is to reduce costs, and it is a strategic choice of the company. However, a little careless handling will produce "side effects" for the company. Nokia, Sony, Motorola and other companies will lose vitality and confidence forever after layoffs

not only the home furnishing industry, many Internet companies and traditional entity companies have recently been reported with similar news of layoffs and reductions

of course, layoffs are not necessarily bad. If the layoff departments are non core departments, then layoffs are actually conducive to making assets lighter. In this way, both investors and the annual report of the enterprise will look better, and it will not have much impact on the core business of the enterprise

the news of layoffs and closures has spread intensively, and the pressure on practitioners in the home furnishing industry has doubled. However, just as some people can always see opportunities in the crisis, others believe that the so-called layoffs and cold winter are normal phenomena. An industry insider said that perhaps the current suffering has been amplified. For truly capable people and enterprises, perhaps now is the best time

but in the face of cold winter, no one can get away safely, share adversity, keep warm, sharpen their will and tide over difficulties

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