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Shengshi Hefeng has become a partner of China Mobile Beijing domestic experience center

recently, it was learned from Beijing Shengshi Hefeng building materials Co., Ltd. that the U.S. golden glass one-way perspective glass products, which are the general agent of the company, were selected by China Mobile Beijing experience center to become a partner of China Mobile

Beijing Shengshi Hefeng building materials Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise with R & D and original design as the guide, integrating glass deep processing and production, international trade, engineering supporting facilities, and high-grade home decoration glass customization. At present, Shengshi Hefeng has obtained the qualification of general agent of one-way perspective glass in China of American Golden glass group

Shengshi Hefeng one-way perspective glass

the most remarkable feature of American gold glass one-sided perspective mirror is that it can be seen but can not be regarded as Guangya aluminum's domestic first industry intelligent loading equipment. At present, in the United States, this kind of glass has been widely used in judicial institutions, museums, art museums, hospitals, mental hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment places, office meeting rooms and so on. In addition, the unique visual effect of single-sided mirror also provides a new design concept for interior decoration and adds a lot of fun to the home environment. At the same time, easy installation and moderate price are also one of the reasons why it is popular

the single-sided perspective mirror is an ideal choice for surveillance, security and monitoring where dark observation is required. In a well lit room. The single-sided perspective mirror looks like a mirror, but from the other side, it is an ordinary colored glass window. The product has the following characteristics: durable pyrolysis surface, especially resistant to scratch and wear, and can be used in places where vacuum spraying products are not suitable. Through the coating of 6mm gray body colored glass with chemical steam, the transparent glass can be laminated with the pyrolysis face outward to increase safety. Post heat treatment, which has been implemented in many large supermarkets, can be used for treatment, cutting, insulating glass combined sandwich treatment and tempering treatment. However, the heat treatment may cause some optical distortion when the load can no longer rise (tempering is not recommended in principle). High reflectivity and light transmittance, both hidden and can clearly see the observed area. It is convenient to use, store and replace. There are many kinds of thickness - 13 mm, 21 mm, 24 mm, to choose from. Unidirectional perspective glass is suitable for business environment, correction institutions, hospital observation rooms, worker supervision and special internal design

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