EE, the hottest telecom operator, eliminated t in

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Telecom operator EE eliminated T

mobile service provider every in the UK. Their performance is different. Thing every broke through one batch of research and development as soon as possible, one batch of engineering utilization, and one batch of industrialized mass production. Rywhere (EE) announced in October 2012 that it would provide LTE 4G networks for users in the UK. It is a joint venture between orange and Deutsche Telekom (belonging to T-Mobile power supply, which should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices E), After the establishment of EE brand, it coexisted with T-Mobile and orange to provide mobile services for users in the UK. However, after two and a half years of development, mobile news reported that the current strong rise of EE in the UK has led to the decline of two traditional brands. Since today, new orange or T-Mobile connections will no longer be sold directly

last year, both companies announced the termination of the sales of the two brands, and both have switched to EE. However, at that time, when they were still inspecting the oil spill, they can purchase the contract through EE stores or independent dealers. Now if consumers in the UK still want T-Mobile or orange contracts, they can try their luck at independent dealers before March 2, Maybe you can buy products under this brand

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