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Accumulate strength and keep an eye on the future

the sea is flowing, and then you will show your true colors of heroes. Hollysys group has developed from a business unit of the original No.6 Institute of electronics in 1993. During this period, this project was listed as the Minhou technological transformation project last month, and it has been nearly 20 years. As the holding company of Hollysys group, Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hollysys) has grown from a newcomer to the automation market to a comprehensive supplier of automation products leading the Chinese market. Hollysys has always been committed to providing customers with advanced products and technologies, helping customers build the most appropriate comprehensive solutions, improving the efficiency of customers in the whole process from design to operation and maintenance, and reducing comprehensive costs. Its business scope covers the whole factory automation products, including the design, development, production, marketing, sales and technical services of automation control products, motors and drive products. Its rich product line provides comprehensive support for customers. With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, Hollysys' business has also grown step by step and is actively enterprising

in 2011, Hollysys has made remarkable achievements in product sales, development, customer service, market promotion, etc., and continues to serve customers in various industries in China with high-quality products and technologies. 2011 was a harvest year for Hollysys. From the perfect sales performance of LK and LM series PLC products, to the new upgrading of regular training courses, and then to the successful holding of the free imagination to win the future, Hollysys campus travel activities, Hollysys has accumulated a lot and won the market for itself while achieving customers

service upgrading achieves customer value

in order to meet the diversified needs of the market and improve customer satisfaction, Hollysys has set up branches or offices in 90% of the cities in China, forming a strong product sales network system of Hollysys and technical support service centers throughout the country, providing users with a series of product services from technical consultation to technical training, from product display to on-site maintenance

all employees of Hollysys always adhere to the concept of sincerely thinking for customers, and provide value-added services for customers with the highest working standards ----- the attitude of Associate Professor Zhou Hongfu of Beijing Industrial and Commercial University has won the recognition of customers. It not only creates value for customers and achieves customers, but also improves its influence and market share

school enterprise cooperation to create a win-win platform

Hollysys, as the representative of excellent automation manufacturers, has not forgotten its own society while realizing its own enterprise ideal. For many years, it has been paying attention to the cooperation with colleges and universities and contributing its own strength to the training of automation talents. In April, 2011, the first Hollysys PLC innovation modeling competition was jointly held with many colleges and universities in Beijing. What are the advantages of Hollysys' rubber fatigue testing machine and what are the operating steps of the equipment? The school enterprise cooperation trip has also become more and more in-depth with the increase of activities carried out with colleges and universities. It has won a large number of potential customers and markets for itself while fulfilling its social obligations to schools and students, and has also played a positive role in the development of its own product technology

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