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Ceramic tiles can't only depend on their appearance, but also on their quality

many consumers are always confused about the gap between the price of ceramic tiles in the upper and physical stores. Why is it so different, just because of the brand? How to distinguish inferior ceramic tiles

I want to tell consumers that ceramic tiles that are lower than one-fifth of the price in physical stores are basically not qualified products. Brand is part of the reason for the high price, which really lies in the quality of ceramic tiles. Now let's teach you how to distinguish between good and bad tiles

hardness of ceramic tiles

the hardness of ceramic tiles determines the wear resistance of ceramic tiles. Daily life will cause varying degrees of wear on the surface of ceramic tiles. Not hard enough tiles and even scissors can cause scratches on the surface. Method of testing the hardness of ceramic tiles: use Mohs hardness tester to test. If there is no professional instrument, you can use nails, scissors, coins, etc. to knock and slide on the surface of ceramic tiles. If there is no scratch left, the hardness of the ceramic tile is qualified. In addition, this method is not applicable to microcrystalline stone

the thicker the ceramic tile is, the better the quality is.

people like to weigh it in their hands when buying ceramic tiles. They think that the thicker or heavier the ceramic tile is, the stronger it is. (3) the sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, the higher the quality is. In fact, this view is one-sided. Although the strength is related to the thickness, the strength essentially depends on the texture of ceramic tiles, rather than being guaranteed by thickening. According to the national standard, the fracture modulus index reflecting the strength of ceramic tiles is required to be ≥ 32Mpa, while the European standard en176 is ≥ 27mpa. At the same time, special thermoplastics are also produced with their own good characteristics to prove their advantages in metal replacement and utilization. 3 Since the full digital measurement controller and low-noise sensor are adopted, the quality standard of the product is the average value ≥ 38Mpa. Now, ceramic tiles also rise in thin tiles. The quality is still good, so don't judge the quality of ceramic tiles by their thickness

the quality of a piece of ceramic tile depends on whether the glaze texture is clear and smooth. Whether there are defects. For superior products, at least 95% of the bricks are required to be free of defects by vertical observation at a distance of 0.8m. The qualified products are required to have no defects on the surface by vertical observation 1m away from the brick. Common ceramic gb/t 5779.1 (2) 000 fastener surface defects bolts, screws and nuts - generally, porcelain defects are required to include pinholes, bubbles, spots, dirt, brown eyes, corrugations, flowers, color differences, cracks, glazing, angle collapse, etc. The difference between superior products and qualified products includes deformation and surface quality. And poor quality products, the surface texture is not smooth, there will be pinholes. Color difference and other phenomena

measure the flatness

tiles with poor flatness will appear hollowing and falling off after paving. Therefore, when choosing ceramic tiles, we must choose carefully. Several tiles of different packaging boxes of the same brand can be placed flat on the ground. Good tiles are relatively flat. There is no gap or very small gap when placed flat. When broken, there is suction between them; There is a gap between the tiles with poor quality, which is easy to be damaged when the weight is pressed down

the above is the shared identification method for your reference. You should choose high-quality tiles instead of being cheated by some petty profits

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