Safety technical measures for electric welding in

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Safety technical measures for the use of electric welding in 11304 machine Lane

due to the frequent coal leakage in front of the buffer bed of the three turn back devices of 11304 machine Lane belt conveyor, and the belt is easy to deviate, it is now necessary to increase the length of the guide plate in front of the buffer bed and increase the welding of anti deviation idlers; In addition, the handrail of the ladder at the entrance of the 11304 machine alley to the uphill section of the belt machine head is damaged and needs to be re welded, so it is particularly necessary to use electric welding for cutting and welding. In order to ensure the safe and smooth construction, this safety technical measure is specially formulated, and all construction personnel must carry out construction in strict accordance with this safety technical measure

II. Safety technical measures for electric welding

(I) preparation before using electric welding

1. The operator must work with a certificate, be familiar with the performance structure and use methods of electric welding machine and gas welding, and master the methods to prevent electric shock and the first-aid methods of electric shock

2. Before the electric welding machine is powered on, it is necessary to carefully check whether the wiring is firm and reliable, whether there is insulation damage, short circuit, poor contact and other phenomena, and whether the electric welding tongs are complete

3. All welding equipment, including electric welding machines, welding benches and other metal equipment, should be equipped with reliable grounding wires; The switches and junction boxes of all equipment must use mining explosion-proof equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to replace them with other equipment

4. The working place shall be equipped with two intact dry powder fire extinguishers. The construction personnel shall be skilled in the use of fire extinguishers, and at the same time, a bag of sand shall be placed at the working place for standby, with a volume of not less than 0.2m3

5. Clean the floating coal, sundries, coal deposits on the floor, rock deposits on the roof, combustibles and inflammables and explosives within 20 meters around the working place, and wet and thoroughly with water

6. The water pipe is connected to the construction site, and the water supply is normal. It is necessary to sprinkle water within 20 meters of the welding site to eliminate dust, so as to keep the surrounding environment fully wet, and use non combustible materials to block the welding flowers within 1.5m near the welding point, so as to prevent the welding flowers from igniting the coal

7. During the whole welding process, a full-time tile inspector is assigned by the ventilation team to detect the gas concentration in the front and back of the construction site and within 20 meters near the switch. The welding operation is allowed only when the gas concentration in the air in the construction site and within 20 meters near the switch is less than 0.5%. The safety supervision department shall send a safety inspector to supervise the site, and the first comprehensive mining team must send a deputy team leader or above to be responsible for the site and strictly implement this measure. Stop other irrelevant operations during construction to prevent coal dust from flying

it is used too frequently. 8. During welding operation, the belt conveyor must be powered off and locked, and a special person must be assigned to manage the locking button

9. The power supply of the electric welding machine is from the 660V switching power supply near the 11304 machine Lane operation site. Before wiring, the switch shall be locked after being locked, and a warning sign of "no power transmission when someone is working" shall be hung, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard it

10. Strictly implement the relevant management system of power outage and transmission. Measure the gas concentration within 20m around the switch. When the concentration does not exceed 0.5%, open the upper cover of the switch, and use an electroscope with the same voltage level to check the electricity. After confirming that there is no electricity, discharge to the ground. Remove the power line and cover the upper cover after connecting the power line of the electric welding machine

(II). Precautions during electric welding operation

1. The tile inspector must measure the gas concentration every 10 minutes, and can continue the operation only when the gas concentration is less than 0.5%. When the gas concentration in the air of the construction site exceeds 0.5%, the operation must be stopped immediately, the power supply must be cut off, the personnel must be evacuated, and the control room must be reported for treatment

2. The electric welding machine should be placed in a safe place easy to dissipate heat without ponding, and its temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. There should be no other inflammables and explosives around the electric welding machine during use

3. When the welding equipment is powered on, do not touch the conductive part

4. When the electric welder operates, the welder must have an electric gas welding mask, and it is not allowed to take off the welding cap at will during welding to avoid eye injury. Electric welders must wear insulating boots

5. During welding, places with oil stains must be wiped clean with cotton yarn before welding

6. The installation, movement, inspection and repair of electric welding equipment must be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply

7. Cables and wires shall be laid to avoid equipment and other objects being pressed on them

8. It is strictly forbidden to put insulated wires on people or step under their feet

9. Water the construction site every 30 minutes, put out the sundries with sparks accounting for less than 2% of the market share in time, and cool the welded objects at the same time, and always keep the welding body wet

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