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With the further development of urban construction in China, the task of old city reconstruction is becoming more and more important. The amount of demolition work of old buildings is becoming larger and larger, and the demolition difficulty is becoming higher and higher. There is an urgent need for standardized management of demolition construction. According to the development trend of demolition projects in China, Beijing Construction Engineering Group has studied and compiled demolition technical specifications, which has improved the demolition speed and safety, and synchronously improved the degree of civilized construction and economic benefits

I. key points of safety precautions in demolition works

for the demolition works of houses located on both sides of main and secondary trunk roads and in downtown areas and residential areas, the principle of "protection before demolition" must be adhered to to to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles passing by and the surrounding environment are not affected. During the demolition construction, there must be safety watchers to monitor, and red warning lights should be set at night

in order to ensure the smooth progress and effective control of demolition construction, the demolition construction unit must prepare a demolition construction plan, which should include the following:

1 Overview of demolished houses

2. The plan and elevation of the demolished house and the schematic diagram of the surrounding environment;   

3. Demolition procedures, methods, requirements and time;   

4. Safety assurance system, safety precautions and emergency measures (stability measures to prevent sudden collapse of walls, accident rescue and rescue measures, etc.);   

5. Civilized construction measures (including: fence, surrounding environmental protection, waste material removal and transportation, etc.)

6. Summary sheet of personnel on the construction site (name, sex, age, education level, type of work, length of service of the post, post certificate number);   

7. Summary sheet of equipment and tools (name, specification and model, service life and production unit of equipment and tools);   

8. Operating procedures for various equipment (the use of lifting tools or lifting equipment must comply with the "ten no lifting" regulations);  

9. Scheme approval form

the construction unit shall strengthen the standardization of employment behavior, strengthen safety education and training, and shall not arbitrarily recruit "three noes" personnel who may block the mold due to degraded rubber and miscellaneous materials. New workers and post changing workers must be trained and qualified before taking up their posts, and special operators and machine operators must hold certificates before taking up their posts. Before the demolition construction, the construction unit must carry out safety technology and civilized construction disclosure layer by layer, and the disclosure person and the disclosed person must sign respectively. The person in charge of the construction site must carry out pre shift education for the on-site operators under the hot market, and the safety officer at the construction site shall record the education content, personnel and demolition construction diary

during the demolition construction, the construction unit must specify the person in charge to command on site and urge the operators to strictly follow the provisions of the tensile elongation plan of the square experimental machine. All operators on the construction site must wear safety helmets. It is forbidden to wear sweat vests, shorts and slippers. It is forbidden to work after drinking. During high place operation, it is not allowed to throw the demolished materials down arbitrarily, and it is forbidden to use manual pushing method for demolition construction. The use of lifting tools or lifting equipment should be commanded by a specially assigned person. Machine operators, commanders and sentinels must strictly abide by the operating procedures. Overloading and oblique lifting are not allowed. Illegal commands and operations are strictly prohibited

the demolished waste materials should be cleared and transported out of the site in time, and it is strictly prohibited to burn waste on the construction site. Throwing, sprinkling, dripping, leaking and other behaviors that pollute the environment are strictly prohibited during transportation

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