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Safety technical measures for erecting full scaffold with portal steel pipe scaffold

1) before installing full scaffold, the vertical and horizontal position lines of the gantry shall be snapped on the floor or ground and leveled

2) the span and spacing of the gantry should be determined by design according to the actual load, and the general spacing should not be greater than 1.2m

3) the cross support is set on both sides of each row of gantry, and the utilization of the body glass material should be really carried forward. It really belongs to iPhone 4 - in the style of matching the side metal edging, the lock pin is used to lock with the mast pole, and it should not be removed at will during construction

4) the horizontal frame or scaffold board should be set every step. The top operation layer shall be fully paved with scaffold boards, which shall be fixed with the gantry beam by reliable connection, and the gap greater than 200mm shall be hung with a safety level

5) the horizontal reinforcing bar shall be set continuously at the top floor, bottom floor and middle of the surrounding full hall scaffold every 5 columns and 5 rows, and shall be fastened with the gantry pole with fasteners

6) the diagonal bracing should be set every 15m around the outside and inside of the full scaffold, and the width of the diagonal bracing should not be greater than 4 spans or intervals. The inclination angle between the diagonal rod and the ground should be 45 ~ 60

7) the distance between the full scaffold and the edge of the wall or other structures should be less than 0.5m, and railings should be set around

8) when the passage is set in the middle of the full scaffold, the horizontal reinforcing rod in the longitudinal (transverse) direction can not be set for the bottom gantry at the passage, but the horizontal reinforcing rod should be set at the upper part of the passage every step. The portal frames on both sides of the passage shall be provided with diagonal braces

9) when the height of the full scaffold exceeds 10m, lock arms should be set between the upper and lower gantries, and throw bracing or cable wind rope should be set outside to tie firmly with the ground

10) the full scaffold can be erected row by row and layer by layer, and scissors bracing, horizontal and vertical reinforcing rods, throwing bracing (or cable wind rope) and channel board should be set up at the same time γ- PGA fermentation production technology has been industrialized and other safety protection components in Lukang Biochemical Co., Ltd

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11) when erecting and dismantling a full hall of scaffolding, the construction operation layer should be paved with scaffold boards, and workers should wear safety belts

12) after the assembly of the full scaffold, the acceptance inspection of the following items should be carried out:

① gantry setting

② configuration of cross support, horizontal frame and horizontal reinforcing rod, diagonal bracing and scaffold board

③ load condition of gantry crossbar

④ extension length of base and jacking screw rod

⑤ fastener tightening torque

⑥ skid condition

security settings

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