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Safety technical measures for expanding U-shaped shed in air roadway

it is placed according to the plan of the mine. This month, our team expanded U-shaped shed construction in 2301 Rock air roadway. In order to ensure the construction safety and project quality, the following Enron technical measures are formulated:

1, construction address and quantities: (attached drawings)

1, construction address: 2301 Yanfeng lane; 2. Quantities: 70m

2. Roadway overview:

2301 Rock air roadway was originally supported by bolt shotcreting and I-steel combined support. The roadway has been seriously repaired. The section is: B. promote China's experimental machine engineering to the world, h=3.5m 2.3m; U-shaped shed support needs to be expanded

3. Support style:

adopt "U29" steel shed support, and the gross section is: B h=4.7m 3.6m; The net section is B h=4.2m 3.32m

4. Support parameters:

1. 2301 Rock air roadway is expanded according to the waist line of the original roadway, the two sides are expanded by 600mm evenly, and the uniform height of the roof is 1.3m. Expanded section: clear width of 4.2m (0 ~ +80mm from the center line to any side), clear height of 3.32m (0 ~ +100mm from the bottom of the beam to the bottom plate), shed distance of 0.6m, column socket depth of 200mm, column and beam lap of 450mm, 6 pairs of cables for each shed, 3 iron tie rods for each shed, fastening of clip nuts to 200N m, 1 for each 6 ~ 8 sheds

2. The overlapping error between column and beam is - 30mm, the spacing between cables is 200mm, and the error is 20mm. The upper and top are laid in diamond shape, and the paving is smooth. The connection uses spiral. The distance between back timbers is 500mm. The pull rod and back timbers should be different from the waist line. The upper and top backs should be solid and firm. It is strictly forbidden to show empty upper and top

3. The shotcreting thickness is 80mm, which should be different from the contour of the U-shaped shed, and keep it smooth. Ash: Sand: Stone: water = 1:2.20:2.30:0.43

4. Strictly follow the middle and waist line construction of the roadway

5. Construction style:

adopt hand and air pick to break the rock. When the rock is solid, adopt drilling and loosening blasting, manual ballast loading, and 25kW winch transportation

6. Construction process:

explain to the shift to inspect safely → knock on the side and ask for the top → delay the middle and waist line → erect the advance weight and support (use wood point column) → open the side and lift the top (drilling and loosening blasting when firm) → safety weight and advance support (use 3M "Π" steel beam) → pave metal rhombic and shed → back side and back top → mucking, guniting → clean the interface design and acceptance of the testing machine

7. Enron technology method:

1. Before construction, the geological survey department will first offer the middle and waist lines of the construction section, and the construction unit will construct in strict accordance with the middle and waist lines

2. Before construction, the team leader must check that the detection speed is fast, and the test piece must be placed vertically on the torque plate during measurement. Stop knocking on the top of the line and construction work points, and look for falling live gangue, deaf rock and crack slurry

3. During the construction work, pedestrians are strictly forbidden to pass through, and the rope is hung 15m in front and behind the construction point, and it is written "construction ahead, prevent passage". If it is really necessary to pass through, it must be approved by the construction staff to check the top of the help, and the front can pass through.

4. Before the construction, the team leader should check the original roadway support environment of the construction section, and reinforce it meters in advance, The detailed reinforcement method is as follows: erect a stable and reliable wooden shed or hit wooden point posts. The point posts are made of fine Korean pine logs with a diameter of not less than 20cm. The column legs must be planted to the hard bottom, and the construction can be carried out only after the empty side and empty setting are handled

5. Before and after shooting, the team leader must seriously knock on the top, find the falling live gangue and deaf rock, and protect the top. When finding the top, 3M steel drill or pickaxe shall be selected according to the actual environment. The team leader shall assign a special person to observe the top and the surrounding environment, and call for withdrawal or stop handling in time in case of abnormal environment

6. When erecting a U-shaped shed, you must first put on the arch beam, and then plant the column legs after the top is solid and firm

7. Strictly implement the "knock on the side and ask for the top" system, and insist on using the right of advance and support

8. Before the upper arch beam, the team leader must find the falling live gangue and deaf rock, use 40t chain, and the specification meets (6) be sure to pay careful attention to the horseshoe ring at the oil level φ 20mm bolt and 3M long 2-inch new pipe, operate the lever principle to lift the top beam. Before lifting the beam, operate the plastic rope to bind the arch beam and the pipe firmly. After the support is high enough, pad it with square wood and bind the pipe firmly with plastic rope. Then, use the lead weight and support, that is, use two "Π" steel beams with a length of 3M, which are respectively inserted at 300mm on both sides of the target centerline of the roadway excavation target, Guadai moves forward (each to rarely use two pairs of 40t chains and horseshoe rings with specifications, 20mm diameter screws and the foundation beam), and hold the arch beam. The front end is in contact with the rock surface. Connect the arch beam, pave and connect it, carry wood and solid back, and finally protect the roof, dig the column nest, and plant the column legs

9. When manually lifting the U-shaped shed, it must be stopped under the same instructions of the team leader and the construction person in charge. The staff should work together, look ahead and backward, and have a person call, so as to rise and fall at the same time, and be careful not to hurt people by squeezing hands and feet and bouncing

10. For the tasks of expanding the side, lifting the top, digging the column nest, erecting the shed, and clearing the gangue, the team leader shall assign a special person to monitor the side and top environment. If any hidden danger is found, it must be handled first before placing the staff's homework

11. The U-shaped shed shall be used in matching. The inspectors shall strictly deal with the project quality, and any unqualified products shall be reworked in time

12. When erecting the beam, a stable and reliable scaffold must be erected. The scaffold adopts 2m iron ladders on both sides, and the ladder passes through a 3M long and 50mm thick wooden frame plate. The staff should reconcile their differences when going to the beam, and be careful not to overturn the shed and smash people

13. For tasks such as expanding and brushing the top, lowering the top, digging column holes, erecting sheds, and clearing gangues, the team leader must assign a special person to supervise the top and the surrounding environment, and call for the withdrawal of people to stop processing in time when finding the results, so as to ensure that there is no error and the work can be done ahead

14. If the roof is broken and there is a scene of collapse, the drilling operation can be adopted. At the same time, the shed distance in this section can be appropriately reduced by 0.4m

15. If roof fall is found during construction, when the gallows are needed, all materials needed should be carried first, the retreat path should be cleared, and all live gangues and live objects should be found to fall, and then the gallows should be started; When galloping, the chief sub foreman or team leader shall give instructions on the site in person, and assign experienced old workers to undertake the task of galloping; When galloping, move quickly, strike while the iron is hot, and keep the top firm and solid

16. Four intact inner column monomers shall be prepared 20m away from the construction site and stored vertically

17. After the end of each shift, the gangue and other sundries should be cleaned in time to ensure the ventilation section

18. The team leader and electrician of the construction unit must carry a portable tile detector and must continuously detect gas when entering the air return tunnel

19. During the construction, the team leader and construction staff should observe the changes of gas concentration. If it is found that the gas concentration reaches 0.75%, the person in charge of the construction shall withdraw all staff to the air inlet side of the air door of the parking lot in time, and report to the adjustment and ventilation area in time. After the ventilation part finds out the notice and handles it, he can enter the construction site for construction

20. The task address must perform gas electricity lockout. When the gas concentration exceeds 0.75%, all useful electrical equipment can take the initiative to power off. When electricians are engaged in inspection tasks, they must strictly implement the system of stopping and sending work. When inspecting electrical equipment, they must cut off the previous level of switching power supply, implement mechanical locking, and hang the sign of "no power transmission for manned tasks". Before opening the cover of the electrical equipment, the gas concentration within 20m around must be checked with a portable watt detector. When the gas concentration does not exceed 0.75%, hang the portable above the construction address and check the electricity with an electric pen with a suitable power supply voltage grade. Confirm that there is no voltage left behind for discharge. The task will be completed after the discharge. During power transmission, designate a special person to send power. Prevent power transmission without contacting private businesses

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