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Safety technical measures for the construction of coal pillar connecting roadway

1320 coal pillar transportation roadway is connected with the track roadway. In order not to waste coal capital, the 1320 section transportation and track coal pillars are received between the transportation roadway and the track roadway. For the safety of tunneling, the following detailed construction schemes and methods are formulated:

1. The roadway requires a net section of 3M wide and 1.7m high, and a single hydraulic column + π shaped steel beam support

the design length of the roadway is 50m, and it is driven at an orientation of 89 degrees perpendicular to the belt roadway (the coal roadway is driven along 32 # to improve the cement quality assurance capacity)

2. Construction style

1. Adopt the full section one-time roadway forming method, and support the work step by step while driving

2. During roadway construction, blasting excavation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the middle line and the specifications and dimensions of the roadway to stop the construction

3. The falling coal is manually transported to the scraper in the mining face to 1320 transportation lane through the belt

3. Ventilation

a 11kw local fan is installed in the middle of the first belt of the Bay opening 1320 to stop air supply (dual power supply to the fan)

4. Construction requirements

1. Support style

single hydraulic column + π shaped steel beam support, hydraulic column: 2.2m. π shaped steel 2.4m

2. Quality requirements

the distance between support sheds is 800mm to prevent pressure relief. The supporting force of each single hydraulic column shall not be less than 90kN

5. Enron technical measures

(I) blasting Enron technical measures

1. The shooter must work with a certificate, and the blaster must be kept well. The key of the blaster can only be carried by the shooter and cannot be handed over to others

2. Detonators and gunpowder should be stored in boxes and locked after being transported to the task surface, and sufficient safe intervals should be guaranteed

3. Drilling:

1) before drilling and blasting, the support environment within 10 meters of the head-on must be checked, and the results found should be dealt with immediately

2) the middle waist line must be strictly followed to calibrate and install gun holes on the mission surface

3) it is strictly prohibited to drill holes, support, charge parallel operations and drill holes in unexploded holes

4) the driller must strictly comply with the provisions of the "driller's operating procedures" and "Enron procedures", and wet drilling is adopted for drilling things with electric coal drill or air coal drill

4. Charging:

1). After the drilling is completed, wait for the drilling things to be taken out and placed neatly at a place 20m away from the task surface, and then stop the charging task. It is strictly forbidden to charge while drilling. After the deceleration system slows down, the moving beam is driven to rise and fall through the precision lead screw pair. The assembly and introduction of the medicine should be stopped at a place away from the electrical equipment, where the roof is intact and the ventilation is smooth

2). Gunpowder is generally allowed to use coal mine gunpowder and detonators. After the electric detonator pulls out the medicine roll, the common computer software must be connected with the foot line. After that, the prompt box message appears, indicating that the overloaded medicine roll is entangled, and the foot line of the electric detonator is twisted into a short circuit

3). Take the criterion of small shots for shooting

4). Positive charge is adopted. Charge once and detonate once

5). Bubble mud and loess bubble mud are used for hole sealing, and it is strictly forbidden to use coal cinder as gun mud

5. Blasting:

1). The blasting is initiated from the mfb--50b detonator. The key of the detonator is carried by the shooter, and the shooter must work with a certificate

2). Before blasting, water must be sprayed on and around the blasting site to reduce dust, and gas must be checked. Blasting should strictly implement the track system of "one shot, three inspections" and "three person chain blasting"

3). When blasting, warning must be set, with the on-site instructions of the team leader. The warning positions that must be set include: 1. The first belt head of the transportation lane in section 1320; 2. 1320 section return air roadway and general return; 3. The track goes down the mountain to connect the alley entrance; The on-site supervision of the head of the mine and his son on duty

4). In case of blasting, all staff shall withdraw to the first belt conveyor head in the transportation lane of section 1320 (except the staff on guard)

5). Article 342 of the "coal mine safety regulations" must be strictly followed when dealing with non explosion and residual explosion

(III) general provisions

1. Ventilation measures shall be installed in place before construction

2. Strictly implement the "knock on the top" system. Live gangue and dangerous rocks shall be removed in time by using long drill rods. During the construction period, special personnel shall be assigned to monitor the top and side movements, and the results found shall be dealt with immediately. The sustainable construction can be carried out only after it is confirmed that it is safe

3, "knock on the side and ask for the top" is operated by two experienced workers, one for supervision and one for knocking on the side and asking for the top. The guardian shall stand in front of the side of the top seeker and keep the retreat unobstructed. "Knock on the side and ask for the top" stops slowly from top to bottom from the address where the support is intact, and stops in sequence after the top

4. When there are large pieces of coal gangue separation at the top and side, it should be stopped under the right and support. Ensure that it can be removed along the cracks and bedding after being safe, and it is not allowed to dig hard

5. The construction staff construct under the effective protection of the safe zone or right and right point column with complete roof and excellent support

6. During construction, pay attention to sheltering the cables and air and water pipes in the roadway

7. During the construction period, a specially assigned person will monitor the movement of the top wall and deal with it immediately if any result is found. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified support materials

8. The maximum top control distance is 0.9m

9. The unmentioned part shall be stopped to comply with the coal mine industry standards

(IV) disaster avoidance line

fire, gas, coal dust explosion disaster avoidance line: construction point -1320 section transportation belt roadway, track roadway - main and auxiliary inclined shafts - air

flood disaster avoidance line: construction point -1320 section return air lane - liaison Lane - general return air

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