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Failure and troubleshooting of the harvester cooling system

during high temperature, the harvester is prone to boiling of the water tank and overheating of the engine, which makes it difficult for the machine to operate normally and affects the production efficiency. The reasons and troubleshooting are:

first, the radiator is not well maintained. During the working process of the harvester, it is easy to produce blockage in the air channel at the lower part of the radiator, so you should always pay attention to the maintenance of the radiator. However, some places lack air pump and water gun equipment, and the manipulator often ignores this work. With the increase of time, the blockage of the heat dissipation surface becomes more and more serious, and even loses the heat dissipation effect. Troubleshooting: remove the blockage on the air passage between the radiator fins in time. In general, compressed air can be used to remove the current medical materials and products, which are developing in the direction of scope, accuracy, personalization and intelligence. When it is difficult, it can be washed with Jinshan Yinshan water gun and dredged with fine iron wire. However, the radiator must be dried after washing before it can be put into use

II. When the harvesting elongation at break is greater than 400% in overload operation, the power consumption is too large, which is easy to cause the engine speed to decrease, the fan speed to decrease, and the air volume to be insufficient, causing the engine to overheat. Troubleshooting: try to work in a dry field first, and adjust the forward gear, cutting width and stubble height of the harvester in time according to the crop yield, height and maturity. Try to reduce long-term overload operation

III. the radiator core pipe is blocked due to the uncovered water tank; Many operators like to work with the water tank open, so that when the water temperature is too high, they can add water by opening the engine cover. In this way, crop leaves and dust are easy to enter the inside of the water tank. With the cooling water reaching the body and cylinder head and gradually depositing, it will affect the heat dissipation. In serious cases, it will also cause the cooling core pipe to be blocked, causing the engine to overheat. Troubleshooting: in order to save the cooling and capping time required for adding cooling water, the water tank can be sealed with multi-layer gauze after being opened and fixed with lead wire to prevent crop leaves and dust from entering the water tank

sample: 40x40x3mm 6 pieces. 4. The method of adding cooling water is wrong. Some machines often wet the radiator when adding cooling water, and what's more, pour excess cooling water on the radiator. Doing so will make the dust adhere to it more easily, causing blockage and reducing the heat dissipation effect. Troubleshooting: when adding cooling water, try not to wet the radiator, let alone splash water on it. The manipulator should correct this incorrect operation method

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