Safety technical measures for demolition of scrape

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Safety technical measures for the demolition of scraper conveyor in face roadway

1. Overview

1806 scraper conveyor in face roadway is mainly responsible for the task of coal extraction. The model of the scraper conveyor is dsb-40 40kW, and the total length of the scraper conveyor is about 80 meters. Now it is required to stop the full abolition of the scraper conveyor

2. Staff organization

team leader: on duty leader

deputy team leader: on duty Anwa member, electrician, main sub team leader, team leader

members: directly placed by the team leader and team leader

3. Assembly pace

the assembly sequence of the scraper escort machine is: pre loosen the scraper chain - assemble the upper chain - assemble the scraper safety device: overload protection conveyor tail - assemble the middle slot - assemble the bottom chain - assemble the machine head

4. Construction preparation

1. Before construction, the construction staff must be organized to seriously learn the Enron technical methods and sign in

2. When retreating, each shift must appoint a construction safety person and task person to supervise and handle the construction safety on duty and the quantity and quality of tasks on duty

3. Before construction, the necessary things and materials must be prepared according to the task of the shift. Such as rope sleeve, chain fall wrench, lifting equipment, etc

4. The construction staff must understand the task and task volume on duty, and designate the person in charge of the on-site task and the person in charge of Enron

5. Enron technical measures

1. The person in charge of construction and Enron must stop the survey at the construction site, and the sections that hinder the transportation, assembly and installation tasks must delay the rectification to be qualified, so as to ensure the smooth stop of the assembly, transportation and installation tasks

2. Before construction, the scraper must be cleaned and the coal baffle assembly must be dropped

3. Before pinching the chain, a full-time electrician must check the activation of the switch and stop it in front

4. When canceling the scraper escort machine, first cut off the scraper chain at the transition slot of the machine head, and then cut off and lock the startup switch of the scraper escort machine, and then stop the subsequent assembly tasks

5. Operation button staff are strictly prohibited from standing on the machine head, motor and acceleration box. They must stop the operation on the side of the machine head, and pay attention to the operation process of making the moving beam separate from the limit switch and turn on the power supply when the chain pincher pinches the chain, and take off the handle before starting the machine. If there is an accident, stop the machine immediately to ensure the safety of the chain pincher

6. When the chain machine spits the chain, it must be started by inching and instructed by a specially assigned person

7. After the chain is removed, power off and lock it and hang the power-off board. The chute can be removed only after the power line is dropped. The power must be dumped by a full-time electrician, and the power stop and transmission system must be strictly implemented

8. Then, the machine head, tail and chute shall be removed, and the chute shall be removed and stopped block by block from the machine head to the tail. The quality supervision personnel of 3 well (Zhongshan) Company are conducting quality supervision and audit on the polypropylene production, packaging and other links of Maoming Petrochemical, and it is strictly prohibited to skip the section and stop

9. When transporting the chute, it must be removed and transported one by one, and loaded into the ore car by four people. It is strictly forbidden to use the chain board machine to transfer the chute, and it is strictly forbidden for staff to stand under the chute to prevent the chute from sliding and hurting people

10. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the chute and step on the running scraper

11. When manually loading tanks, they must work together and coordinate with each other. 1. Lift and place gently to prevent accidental injury to staff

12. Before escorting the parts of the scraper escort machine, the construction staff must first clean the roadway of the escort part section to ensure smooth transportation

13. After arriving at the site, the staff must first check the surrounding roadway support environment. If an unsafe environment is found, they must immediately rectify the work ahead

14. The parts of the scraper escort machine shall be stacked neatly at the opening of the 1808 transportation lane, and must be placed neatly as required, without affecting pedestrians and subsequent tasks

15. When the construction staff use the big hammer or axe, no one is allowed to stand on the opposite side, pay attention to the safety of the staff around, and prevent wearing gloves to use the big hammer or axe, so as to prevent sliding hammer from hurting people

16. When using chain block to lift the equipment, you must first check whether the function of the lifting equipment is qualified, and then put it into use

17. When lifting equipment with chain block, its tonnage must be greater than the weight of the hanging weight. During the lifting process, any part of the body of all construction workers shall not be placed under the falling weight

18. When two or more people are carrying heavy objects together, the construction staff must raise or lower them at the same time with different slogans to make the method different. The staff in front of the corner should withdraw the signal to remind the staff in front to pay attention to safety

19. If a hoist is needed to lift the equipment during the assembly process, the lifting point must be selected on a strong and stable beam. When lifting the equipment, one person must swing the chain hoist and one person must supervise Enron. Try lifting before lifting

20. All construction personnel must wear rest protective equipment to show the corresponding experimental results

21. Other unaccomplished matters shall be performed in strict accordance with the 1806 homework procedures

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