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Technical safety measures for power line construction

first, the construction unit appoints a leader (deputy director) to concurrently manage the safety work of the agricultural reconstruction project, and a construction safety officer is set on site

second, there should be strict overall construction safety technical schemes and safety measures. The leaders of various danger groups should be assumed by Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council. The danger points should be fully anticipated, and specific preventive measures should be taken. The overall scheme should be reported to the security section of the Bureau for the record

III. The construction team must carry out necessary safety technical training and examination, and the qualified are allowed to work. The operators shall enter the construction site with the "safety certificate", otherwise, the leaders shall be investigated in case of problems. The training and examination conditions shall be recorded in the "training records" of the unit in detail

IV. for the labors employed in the project, a "safety contract" shall be signed (one for each unit, one for each person and one for each family member, and the three parties shall sign at the same time)

the accident caused by the reckless and blind operation of the construction personnel on the site knowing that it is against the rules and regulations shall be borne by themselves

v. regardless of the construction of high and low voltage equipment, the work ticket of power supply station or the first (second) work ticket of the line shall be strictly implemented. Any work without a ticket, operation without a ticket, and accidents shall be investigated

VI. hold pre shift and post shift meetings, and open and close the work every day. It is indispensable to have records. If you don't hold pre shift and post shift meetings, and don't seriously study and develop test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system, which is the safety technical measures of the professional control system of the new generation of experimental machine developed by our company, you will be severely punished regardless of the consequences. During construction, construction personnel should care about construction safety

VII. During the construction period, vehicle management should be strengthened to prevent traffic accidents. Mixed loading of passengers and goods or using cars as traction, tightening lines, poles, etc. are strictly prohibited

VIII. If other operation units are involved, the work ticket issued must be countersigned at the operation unit, and the work permit must be used by the operation unit as the appearance part of the antenna partition strip. The construction unit shall not touch any equipment of the operation unit. For such construction, the construction and operation units should appoint a comrade to be responsible for the liaison work, and no replacement is allowed during the construction (except for very special circumstances)

IX. the construction unit should reasonably arrange the power outage plan. If the power outage of the lines above the difference mastered by the bureau is involved, the power outage plan should be submitted to the Bureau dispatcher in time, so as to make overall arrangements

X. if the interests of the people are involved in the construction or there is a conflict, it should be treated calmly. The leaders of the unit should come forward to negotiate or solve it through the local government, and it is not allowed to act rashly or fight violently. The construction can be carried out after it is properly handled

Xi. Leaders in charge of construction operations must go deep into the construction site every day to strictly inspect the site safety. The manufacturer recently announced the layout and improvement of technical measures for the availability of peba2301 of some plastic machines, so as to put an end to brutal construction

12. Before the commencement of work every day, the on-site team reads out the work ticket and work ticket, and the person in charge should explain the arrangement of on-site safety measures, process requirements, other technical requirements and construction precautions to the operators

XIII. Operate in sequence in strict accordance with the requirements of the Bureau on dangerous points control and standardized operation measures and dangerous points and supplementary control measures for 10kV and 0.4kV line maintenance operations

XIV. In the hands of each person in charge of work, only one "work ticket" is issued every day. It is strictly forbidden to carry multiple "work tickets" to avoid mistakes. The person in charge of work must arrange the work of the next day in advance on the previous day

XV. Strictly implement the procedures of power failure, power inspection and grounding wire hanging. The construction of low-voltage switch shall be hung with the signboard of "no switching on and someone working". The work of power cut-off and transmission shall be in the charge of a specially assigned person, and qualified safety tools and instruments shall be used during operation

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