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Safety technical measures for permanent damper construction

1. Permanent damper construction personnel must undergo professional technical training and pass the examination before taking up their posts

2. The construction personnel of the permanent damper must construct at the design position according to the construction design. The design must comply with the relevant regulations, and the installation position must not be changed at will. The position of the air door should be in the coal and rock roadway with hard top and undamaged, and it should be avoided to be set in the dynamic pressure zone as far as possible

3. The small materials and tools carried by the construction personnel and started from the load 1 level higher than the Pb point should be held firmly, the sharp edge tools should be installed in the sheath, and the materials should be tied firmly

4. When constructing the air door in the transportation lane, a special person should be assigned to direct the traffic to achieve safe construction

5. The distance between the two dampers of the train shall not be less than the length of a train, and the distance between the two dampers of the pedestrian shall be more than 5m in response to the mechanical properties of the data on the dial

6. The damper must be able to close automatically; An interlock device shall be installed between the two dampers to ensure that they cannot be opened at the same time

7. During construction at places with cables and pipelines, cables and pipelines shall be properly protected to prevent damage. It is necessary to move the high-voltage cable. At this time, contact the mechanical and electrical department in advance

8. The charging car must contact the mine dispatching room and relevant units before entering the well, and the relevant regulations of the transportation department should be strictly followed during transportation

9. Take care of each other when unloading heavy materials underground. The materials stacked against the side of the lane should be neat and should not affect transportation, ventilation and pedestrians

10. Operation sequence: acceptance of materials → cleaning operation E. automatic optimization of graphic curve scale auto scale field (safety inspection) → construction → quality inspection → cleaning operation site

11. Normal operation

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