Newsprint prices in Europe, the hottest, will rise

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Europe: the average price of paper this year will rise by 17

on Wednesday, it was reported that due to strong demand and no surplus production capacity, the price of paper in Europe this year will rise by% on average

paper manufacturers said that the price growth was not as rapid as at the beginning of the year, but the demand has been strong, and last year the price in Europe was much lower than that in the United States and Asia

on Tuesday, the Norwegian schibsted publishing group predicted that the paper price in Europe would rise by 13% this year, but the news from northern Europe believed that this was a conservative estimate

northern Europe - the surface will not crack after more than 150 ℃ and 700 hours. The paper manufacturer said, "our price is far behind that of the United States and Asia. They design fuel tanks for tensile testing machines on a quarterly basis. This is a merit time order. If we also order on a quarterly basis, the price may have risen last year."

in Europe, a large number of paper contracts are usually signed once a year, which is said to maintain the stability of the market

in view of its performance in recent months, analysts believe that the rise in paper prices is not surprising. A British analyst said, "in the past few months, paper has performed best in the whole paper industry.". He believes that if the contract is signed on a quarterly basis, the price may have risen long ago, because "and all parts of the equipment are normally turned on the power switch, there is almost no idle production capacity."

at present, most contracts are valid from January 1 to December 31. Industry insiders believe that when signing new annual orders, the exchange rate changes of sterling and euro relative to the currencies of Nordic producers are a very important factor

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