Nigeria suffers most from oil spill, and the ecolo

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Nigeria is suffering from the oil spill, and the ecological damage will last for many years

International report recently, the most concerned part of Nigerian society is the Niger River Delta in the southeast of the country suffering from the oil spill. The recent report released by the United Nations Environment Program criticized the Anglo Dutch Shell company by name, saying that the company's decades of neglect of management was the main factor causing pollution in the ogoniland area. The report also points out that it will take at least 25 to 30 years to remove the damage caused by oil pollution to the local ecological environment

Patrick davam, a senior environmental management expert in Nigeria and professor of Abuja University, said the most about "destructive", He expressed his sadness at the damage caused by the oil spill in the Niger River Delta in southeastern Nigeria: "the damage of the oil spill to the environment is very serious, which is a big problem for maintaining the integrity of the ecological environment. The fishing industry and agriculture in the ecological cycle are threatened, because the damage of the oil spill to the ecosystem makes it difficult for fish and other organisms to survive."

Professor Patrick told that the pollution in the Niger River Delta has had an important impact on the lifestyle of local residents, who can no longer rely on traditional fishing for a living, but also suffer from chronic diseases. But when it comes to countermeasures, Professor Patrick is helpless again, He said: "(talking about local residents' Countermeasures against pollution,) This is a very sad thing, because the drinking water source has been cancelled, but the coil spring and suspension strut have been polluted by the oil spill. The best way for residents is to transport clean drinking water from other places. This is not an easy thing, nor can it solve the problem. In fact, due to the long-term oil exploitation, the pollution of the Niger River Delta caused by the oil spill has lasted for many years, and it is difficult to eliminate the pollution in the short term. "

as for the solution to pollution, Umar Kari, who once worked in the Niger Delta for a long time, was found. He said that the Niger Delta region was originally dependent on water, and the residents lived on fishing. However, the pollution of the oil spill caused many fish and shrimp to die, and the fish and shrimp that did not die were also contaminated and became inedible. He went on to say, "oil spill 2. Change the safety protection of the experimental machine. The waste gas produced by the leak will also pollute the environment. Local residents are also prone to chronic diseases, such as respiratory tract infections and blood diseases, after inhaling them. In general, the ecological environment of the Niger Delta has been systematically damaged, and it will take a long time to recover."

Cary believes that the Nigerian government should do something. At the same time, the connecting line of the controller on the electronic universal experimental machine should also pay attention to quickly removing the pollution caused by the oil spill, and take active action to avoid the Niger River. 3. Pay attention to dust prevention, and take dust prevention measures after consulting professionals The tragedy of Kok Chau happened again. He said: "the Nigerian government should ensure that all measures, including diplomatic, scientific and technological, are taken to avoid the recurrence of such incidents. In addition, other relevant personnel should ensure that they bear their own responsibilities in environmental protection."

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