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Nizugen, chairman of Lake Electric: build an ecological chain of healthy life products in five aspects

nizugen, chairman of the board, known as the first share of high-end cleaning appliances, said in an exclusive interview with China Securities News recently that the biggest transformation of the company is to create brands, build independent brands and expand the domestic demand market. Create the uniqueness of products through category innovation, and create the leadership of product performance through technological innovation. The company will gradually build an ecological chain of high-quality and healthy life products from five aspects

open the market through technological innovation

China Securities News: Lake Electric was founded in 2001 and has become the world's largest vacuum cleaner R & D and manufacturing enterprise. What is the uniqueness of the development and management philosophy of the enterprise

nizugen: Lake started out as an exporter and put forward a relatively big goal, which was named kingclean. At that time, export basically depended on low price competition, and we put forward the business philosophy of creating value for customers. With domestic costs, we can produce products close to the European level. Cost advantage plus quality and technology advantages can go a long way. We adhere to the value orientation of products, not the cost orientation

I am an electrical engineer. In the early stage, our products were researched and developed by ourselves, and we did independent research and development before OEM production. With technological innovation driving the development of the enterprise, it took 10 years to become the first in the production and sales of vacuum cleaners in the world

China Securities Journal: household appliances are highly competitive industries. As a new brand, lake has three core product lines, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water purifiers. How to quickly occupy and develop Eucommia rubber in the fierce market competition is an effective way to reduce China's dependence on imports of rubber raw materials and lead the market

nizugen: the competition is fierce, and it is not easy to create a new brand. We started to establish our brand in 2009, which is very difficult, involving brand strategy and brand positioning

we didn't do OEM production, but independent research and development, with market awareness and customer awareness. Research the needs of users from the consumer side, develop products and label customers. There is a sense of customer and product innovation in the gene. This is our strength

the key to creating a brand is how to compete differently with existing brands. All we face are world-class competitors. Because we specialize in making vacuum cleaners, we should build a professional brand. At the beginning, we decided to create a high-end brand and build a brand through product differentiation and innovation. In the next few years, we have opened up the market through disruptive innovation and technological innovation, and become a leading brand in the industry in just a few years. Our vacuum cleaners and air purifiers rank second in the industry, and the first is a world-class brand

build an ecological chain of healthy life products

China Securities News: Lake Group implements multi brand operation. At present, it has three major brands: Lake, Lake Jimi and biyunquan. What is the difference between the positioning and development strategies of these brands

nizugen: the first brand to promote is lake. Lake brand positioning high-end environmental cleaning brand, the focus of the channel. At present, the development mainly uses the lake brand, and the products are mainly environmental cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, electric fans and other products

Jimmy aims at Internet channels. Internet consumption is mostly young people, mainly aimed at the needs and style of life of young people. Biyunquan creates a professional desktop installation free intelligent water purifier. We want to distinguish between drinking fountains and environmental cleanliness, because if a brand does everything, consumers can't remember what the brand stands for. Therefore, Lake represents clean environment and Biyun spring represents water health

China Securities News: in which direction will lake make efforts in the future

nizugen: our vision is to create a high-quality green life for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, so we should establish a technology-leading green high-end small household appliance brand. From the perspective of large-scale planning, we will gradually build a product ecological chain of high-quality and healthy life. It mainly includes several aspects. First, environmental cleaning products, such as vertical multifunctional wireless vacuum cleaners. Second, air purification and air comfort products. Third, supervision and random inspection will become a new way of quality inspection, water purification and drinking water health products. Such as installation free intelligent water purifier, health pot, etc. Fourth, intelligent kitchen appliances. Fifth, personal care products. Focusing on consumption upgrading, there are a number of middle - and high-income consumer groups. The company will develop product series in five aspects

China Securities News: since this year, many listed companies have experienced liquidity crises. In terms of control lever, what strategy does the company take when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology

nizugen: we found a problem in our business. If we rely on debt management, this enterprise will have little profit. Business should pursue a higher profit margin. In 1995, I borrowed a loan of 2million yuan at the beginning of my business. For so many years, there was basically no business loan

at the same time, we should focus on the main business. Some listed companies encounter capital problems, and most of them can "use the interior parts too quickly before, and have entered many different industries. In the short term, the scale has increased, and the profits at that time are also good. But with excessive competition, the new industries they enter may not be profitable.

(article source: China Securities News)


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