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With the rapid development of computer multimedia technology and digital communication technology, human society has entered the era of information. With the increasing amount of information, the means of processing information are also more and more advanced. Especially in recent years, visual information technology has been widely used in command and control centers, large conference rooms, various monitoring and other places. A large number of electronic equipment with various LCD splicing large screen display systems as the core have entered the command and control dispatching room, conference room and studio

the characteristics of LCD splicing display system are mainly manifested in 9 points:

1. Advantages of LCD splicing display system

excellent display performance: LCD splicing curtain wall has realized a dream, that is, the excellent display performance of high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, full angle of view and full color, which can only be presented on high-end desktop displays in the past, can also be realized on super large display curtain walls

ultra thin body, easy to install: the thickness of LCD unit is only 13.4mm, together with the curtain wall mounting bracket, the installation thickness is only 20~25cm, and the appearance is fashionable and beautiful

stable operation and maintenance free: after the installation and commissioning of the LCD unit, the brightness of each unit is uniform, the color is consistent, and there is no color difference, and it operates stably for more than 50000 hours, basically without any daily commissioning, and there is no loss of consumables (such as bulbs)

superior performance price ratio: Based on the same display area, the cost of LCD splicing curtain wall is equivalent to that of high-end dlp/lcd rear projection and led, but if the use and maintenance cost within 5-10 years is calculated, the construction cost of 0 LCD splicing curtain wall will be lower than the above two

2. Display effect advantages

ultra high physical resolution: 1366*768 physical resolution (the total number of pixels on a single screen is 1.05 million), 16:9 picture ratio, easily support PC signals at all levels, and 720p/1080 high-definition video is also easy. The high resolution of cabotage splicing unit enables the overall screen wall to display a large amount of information. The characters of PC signal are clear, the edges are smooth and burr free, and the video signal is rich in detail, showing every detail. This is also one of the significant advantages of LCD technology

high brightness: 700cd/m2 average brightness, much higher than the back projection box and PDP display. Anti glare technology is adopted to overcome the interference of ambient light, provide sufficient brightness guarantee in an open and high light environment, and the picture is clear and bright

high contrast: 2000:1 high contrast, deep black, pure white, full and colorful, with distinct gray levels, deep scene and strong three-dimensional sense, which is pleasing to the eye

full color display: 16.7 million color full-color display, conveying breathtaking and pure images. Based on the excellent technology of the world's leading eighth generation liquid crystal substrate, 0 digital display liquid crystal has extremely high color reduction and saturation, and the picture is true, natural and lifelike

fast response: response time 8ms, complete 0.250 ~ 29 no tailing

full viewing angle: the wider viewing angle PVA (patternedverticalalignment) technology is "image vertical adjustment technology". With this technology, the visual angle can reach more than 178 ° in both directions (horizontal and vertical)

a, advantages of video conferencing

ultra high resolution

direct access to a variety of video signals, providing complete support for all kinds of peripheral equipment in the conference room

optional built-in PC and touch screen functions, combined with powerful application software, instantly form the most flexible and efficient remote video conference and audio-visual education training system in small and medium-sized conference rooms

in working state, Extremely low fan and static noise (

the industrialized design of the fuselage is simple and light, which can be directly hung on the wall or installed in an embedded way, which is integrated with the interior decoration, showing outstanding high-tech taste.

b, monitoring advantages

it can work continuously for a long time - up to 50000 hours of stable working life, equivalent to 24 hours/day * 6 years.

low energy consumption, less heat dissipation. The above experimental standards refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS... Etc.; low failure rate, basically no need Maintenance

the ultra narrow frame can be spliced into a large multi screen display curtain wall

c, advantages of advertising and public information release

high brightness, high contrast, rich colors, meet the excellent display effect in open high light environment and long-distance viewing

two directions and full angle of view (178 degrees horizontal/vertical), capture the line of sight in all directions, and achieve the best information release efficiency

weather resistance: different from ordinary LCD and other display devices, digital LCD is specially developed to adapt to open indoor and even outdoor environment applications. It has super high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, humidity resistance and dust prevention characteristics, and can work stably in extreme environments

optional built-in PC and touch system make advertising and public information release more interactive and accurate. In line with the special "1035" development focus and product direction: the developed software can become a sharp tool for all kinds of businesses' store advertising, directly capture consumer needs and create benefits

d, splicing superiority

picture integrity: optical spacing between pictures 7. 3mm, only 1/80 of the effective display size. Cooperate with the default setting of pixels to ensure the integrity of large pictures

high color and brightness consistency: the resolution of each digital display splicing display unit in niceview is 1366x768. At the same time, the unique splicing technology of digital display can make the whole screen display reach 1080p high-definition image quality

flexible splicing: the splicing method is flexible (mxn), and it will soon reach the stage where the amount of waste plastic is greater than the production of plastic products. Horizontal or vertical splicing can be used to display high-quality images and attract more eyeballs (end)

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