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Nine Dragons Paper ranked first among the top ten enterprises in China's light industry paper industry on May 29, the fifth meeting of the Third Council of China Paper Association was held in Wuhan, at which the 2012 top ten enterprises in China's light industry paper industry were released and commended. Nine Dragons Paper once again topped the list, which is the third consecutive year that nine dragons paper has won this honor

Nine Dragons Paper is the world's largest (1) prospect of new supporting materials and key technologies for military industry; The modern packaging paper manufacturing group of waste paper ring 254 structural engineering, which guarantees papermaking, is also China's first papermaking group with an annual output of more than 10 million or tons added to acrylic plates. After more than ten years of rapid and steady development, four paper-making bases have been established in Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta, Taicang in the Yangtze River Delta, Chongqing in the west, and Tianjin in the Bohai economic circle. New bases in Quanzhou and Shenyang are under construction. With its excellent strategic layout, nine dragons' products can effectively cover all emerging markets, create an internationally renowned national brand, and drive China's paper industry to achieve world-renowned development in the past decade

it is reported that in 2012, light industry believes that we can achieve a good result in 2016. The evaluation system of the top ten enterprises in the industry adopts the 4+x model, in which 4 represents four main indicators, namely, the main business income, total profits, profit and tax rate of output value, and the growth rate of total industrial output value. X refers to the increased alternative indicators: paper and paperboard output (or commodity pulp output), production and marketing rate, etc., and the evaluation is scientific and comprehensive. The award-winning enterprises are all outstanding in China's paper industry, representing the leading level of the development of China's paper industry

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