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Committed to environmental friendly construction, Jiulong Dang circular economy typical

energy is a national biocompatibility, which refers to the advantages of blood and dialysis membrane or adsorption related to the electronic universal material testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory: the functional advantages of computer universal material testing machine: the interaction between agents and other foreign materials, the blood of the national economy, is also the bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of a national economy. As early as 2006, it was proposed to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as the top priority in the next five years. Provinces and municipalities directly under the central government have also successively issued various program summaries and implementation plans committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society

from the paper industry, although the state can timely introduce some laws and policies aimed at saving energy and reducing waste in all periods, in sharp contrast to the insufficient supply of raw materials, low product competitiveness and serious pollution, it is the huge waste of some valuable resources, such as recyclable waste paper. In daily life, many paper packaging products are discarded at will after completing its mission, which not only causes a serious waste of recyclable resources, but also greatly pollutes the environment after the discarded waste paper becomes garbage. In terms of waste paper recycling, as a leading domestic papermaking enterprise, Nine Dragons Paper industry has been ahead of the industry in exploration and practice. Since the enterprise was put into operation, it has been taking promoting environmental protection and promoting circular economy as its own responsibility, and actively advocating the classified recycling and effective reuse of waste paper. Accordingly, the head of Nine Dragons Paper said: internationally, recycling waste paper is a common practice to save wood and alleviate the shortage of raw materials. It is the consistent tradition of enterprises to turn waste into treasure, recycle and use the collected waste paper as raw materials for processing and production. Judging from the amount of waste paper and production capacity we collect every year, the trees we cut and the amount of coal and electricity we save by recycling waste paper are amazing, so it's not too much to say that picking up waste paper and picking up a forest

in fact, for the paper industry, how to maximize the use of resources and how to maximize resource conservation, the international community has long reached a consensus on this: the key to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly paper industry is to make full use of waste paper to produce recycled paper with advanced scientific and technological means. Looking back, when most of the industry is taking the path of sacrificing the environment for benefits and sacrificing resources for benefits, Nine Dragons Paper's adherence to and practice of the recycling concept of waste paper can be said to reflect a kind of foresight. It is understood that Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in investing a huge amount of money since it was established and put into operation in 1995. It has introduced several advanced equipment produced by internationally renowned paper machine manufacturers. It is committed to producing high-grade packaging paper with waste paper as the main raw material to meet the needs of the domestic market and alleviate the pressure brought about by the shortage of raw materials, and has created a precedent for recycling waste paper resources to produce high-grade packaging paper in China. After more than ten years of development, Nine Dragons Paper has used Bayer materials technology to appoint a new chairman. The advanced papermaking technology has not only created the largest packaging paper production enterprise in Asia, but also ended the situation that China's high-end packaging paper mainly depends on imports. While building an excellent national brand, it is also practicing the ideal of benefiting mankind with the idea that there is no papermaking without environmental protection

according to Nine Dragons Paper, waste paper is a forest in the city. Using recycled waste paper as raw material for papermaking has the advantages of saving resources, reducing environmental pollution, reducing energy, and Qingshuihe chemical raw material consumption. According to the survey, using 1 ton of waste paper can produce about 0.8 tons of finished paper, which can save m3 of wood; In terms of production energy consumption, it can also save about 1.2 tons of standard coal, 600kw/h electricity and more than 100 tons of water. At the same time, it can reduce the discharge of waste and reduce the load of environmental treatment. Nine Dragons Paper, as a pioneer in recycling waste paper to produce recycled paper, has not only significantly reduced project investment and production costs, but also saved resources and protected the ecological environment

in addition, in order to build an industrial chain for recycling renewable resources, build an ecological paper-making enterprise that saves resources and improves the environment, nine dragons has required itself from the beginning with a high standard of environmentally friendly paper-making. It not only uses recycled waste paper as raw materials, but also keeps pace with the times, continuously increases investment in environmental protection, introduces international advanced equipment and technology, and continues to improve, So that the environmental protection indicators and energy-saving indicators of Nine Dragons Paper are better than the national standards, which can be said to be an energy-saving and environmental protection enterprise with benchmarking and instructive significance in the industry

in the process of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and building a circular economy industrial chain, how to ensure maximum resource conservation while maximizing the use of resources? Nine Dragons Paper Industry processes and produces by picking up waste paper, which has not only picked up a vast forest, but also picked up the national brand of Asia's largest packaging paper producer for China. The more important significance may also lie in the great practical significance and instructive role that nine dragons' understanding and exploratory practice of resource recycling can provide for this world-wide debate on environmental protection and resources

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